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Hello - this is my first post.
I have high estrogen levels. I am not sure exactly what the level is exactly but will try to find out for tomorrow.
I was supposed to start my IVF drugs (first IVF attempt after 5 failed IUIs) this evening but the doctor called to say my estrogen levels are high so she will put me on birth control for 14 days.
I forgot to ask why. Does anyone know?

So I have two questions .. (1) why is my estrogen high in the first place? I am 40 years old. My FSH, progesterone, etc numbers are all good. I am super-healthy mostly eating organic foods, do not use plastic, do not drink dairy and eat a good diet with no sugars, no coffee or white stuff.
I am hypothyroid (Hashimoto's) but with an increased synthroid dose my TSH is very low (less than 1), my T3 normal range and my T4 slightly elevated (25).

(2) what is my doctor's game plan with giving me birth control pills ... to control my estrogen levels? And then what?

Sorry you are going through this. I have higher estrogen numbers too. Sounds like you are new to IVF, a couple of suggestions:
1. Check out SART numbers, as you age your chances go down and you want to make sure your doctor has high success rates for your age < edited >
2. Always ask your doctor why he/she is doing stuff. I learned it is very important to be active and do your own research on the web. Forums are good for getting information.
3. Be careful with BC, you don't want to be over surpressed. Sometimes your numbers will be down due to the BC.

Good luck.

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