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Hi TTCrunner
On your question whether progesterone makes you ovulate, the answer would be no. What progesterone does is thickens your uterine lining that later is shed in the form of menstruation. It is ovulation that makes your progesterone go up to sustain possible pregnancy.
Progesterone can drop whenever your weight fluctuates. Weight loss or weight gain can interfere with normal levels of progesterone. Some people have PCOS and don't ovulate regularly if at all, and therefore, they may have low progesterone. But it's not always PCOS that will cause this.

From my experience: after a big weight loss ( I was working out and eat less), my progesterone dropped and was at 0, which basically means I stopped ovulating altogether. Slowly, the weight came back and so I started ovulating. My periods are still irregular, but at least I get them. Like another poster said, there is a drug called Clomid (clomipohene) that will make you release an egg.
When I didn't have periods for 3 months, my doc gave me Provera for 10 days (which is progesterone), and I got my period. That jump-started my cycles.
I also want to add that there are many reasons why one may stop ovulating, such as stress, thyroid problems, poor nutrition, meds, etc

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