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Is this normal?
Mar 20, 2012
I went for my second IUI on Thursday and Friday of last week. I went for a quick sonogram and blood test yesterday. According to the doctor everything seems fine. However, for the first and last IUI every time I finish ovulation I break out into pimples on my face and I'm just starting to right now, which means that it may not have worked. Everytime I finish ovulation I get pimples, which signifies that I am getting my period within a week. According to the signs of the pregnancy test they say pimples are not a sign of pregnancy. Has anyone every gone through an IUI and gotten pimples and found out they were actually pregnant or did you get your period?

Also another thing I have heard that IUI has worked on some people and for others it has not. Does anybody know of any reasons why the IUI may not work? If you weren't successful the frist few times how long did it take for any of you to succeed with this method?

When I did the tests for fertility a few months ago, the doctors found out my fallopian tubes were normal and my ovaries were normal. Although they said the dye took a while to go through the left fallopian tube. However, they said I tested positive for Thombosis, which is what my dad has. As a result if I do get pregnant I am going to have to take blood thinners to help with implantation and to prevent a miscarriage. I just started on this yesterday. In addition I have a tendency not to ovulate properly and have a low progesterone level which results in irregular periods. For example while a lot of women's cycles are 28 days, mine is anywhere from 21 to 28 days. There were only a few cycles that were 29 days. And sometimes my bleeding can last about ten days before my periods stop. My husband gave good sperm, which will help get me pregant but his motility is slightly low. My blood tests are good otherwise and even though I'm overweight I'm basically healthy enough to get pregnant. I'm almost 36 years old.

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