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Hello Everyone,

I have been through 3 IUI treatments with no sucess:(

We are starting with our first IVF injection tonight.
Target poking time 7:00pm...I am petrified not sure if I am more scared of the injection itself or the thought of my hubby giving me the injection.

Day 1: Follistim 225 will be given today.

The nurse advised me to take the injection standing up. I have no idea how my body will react or what to expect....will love to hear from all of anyone out there going through this for the first time like me...

Would love to hear about your experiences or tips...

HI there. You are going to do fine. I was also SOOOO nervous with my first injection, but it was so easy in the end. I am going to PM you with what I did to calm my fears. Good luck with your first cycle!

P.S. I recommend the stomach!

Just saw that I cannot PM you. So what I recommend is that you do a video search on a popular video web site (sorry, can't say it here, I don't think). Look up, "injecting follistim" on this site. You will find dozens of women going through the steps. I found one named "Stephanie" who made me feel so comfortable, like she was next to me walking me through everything. When it was over, I was like, "oh wow, that was no big deal." In the next few days, you will be able to do it with your eyes closed.
I had my first IVF round the end of November 2011. I started with Lurpon, Follistim, and Menopur. Transferred two grade A embryos, 3 days after my retrieval. My first round was not successful...BFN.

Second round was an antagonist approach. Follistim and Menopur. I transferred two blastocysts on day 5 and found out at 6 weeks pregnant I was having twins. Lost one twin at 8.5 weeks, but am now 13.5 weeks with baby #1, so truly blessed!

The stimming meds never effected me. The only side effects I had was sleepiness. I hated the progesterone injections in the butt. I never got used to those needles, even though I did them myself in the end.

I didn't find the IVF process to be too bad. However, on my first round in Nov., I had OHSS and was very uncomfortable and miserable from the retrieval. With the second round, it was smooth sailing, no problems at all.

Best of luck to you! Keep me updated!!!

I am also starting my my first (and hopefully my only) round of IVF. My first injection is due in 5 hours and I am unable to go to sleep because I am so anxious to get this process started. I had a few setbacks after my last IUI in February, including an extended ER visit and eventual removal of my right ovary and tube. I am doing 300 Menopur at 7am and 300 Follistim at 7pm. Do you have the Follistim pen? It looks like you are going to be a few days ahead of me, so hopefully the Month of May will be great for us both, since it contains Mother's Day, and we can celebrate at the end of the month together!


How was the first stab experience? I do have the Follistim pen. I can't imagine getting two injections in one day...they have just started me with one injecton a day of 225 Follistim. I am taking it at 7 pm everyday...

Today would be my 3rd day of Follistim 225. I have been having slight cramping in my tummy all today today.

I hope this works first time final for both of us and I would love to wish Happy Mother's day to you & me....hee hee

Keep me updated on your progress and side effects if any.

4th day of treatment:

Things going as per plan...dosage reduced of follistim to 150 for the next 2 days...

I am glad things are going as planned for you. I had my day 5 follow up yesterday and they found 6 follies measuring between 4.6 and 10.1. So now I am on more medication, my drug protocol for the next 4 days is 250 mcg of Ganirelix in the PM, 300 units of Follistim in the PM, and 300 IU of Menopur in the AM. And my Estradiol level was 483. I only have one ovary, so it seems like I am taking a lot of medication. But apparently I have another endometrioma growing in my remaining ovary, and since my endometriosis is very aggressive, the RE is really wanting this cycle to work. They are constantly reminding me that after I have a child, I should have a hysterectomy. Not fun to think about at 32. What were you numbers at your last appointment. I have no idea if my 6 follies and 483 E2 are on point with others at day 5. Other than severe constipation and bloating, I am not experiencing any difficulty with the drug protocol.......yet! Hopefully you are doing well.

Hi Michelle,

Stay strong girl...Hopefully we will have pleasant news for both of us this month...

Day 5 apoointment: they saw approx 20 folliciles measuring approx 10...took blood test Estradiol level was 1300. He warned me about overstimulation. reduced t0 150 units of Follistim.

Day 7 appointment was yesterday again i have too many of them even measured 18, 16,11, 10 etc...took blood test for estradiol. They finally started me with Ganirlex, meopur and follistim reduced to 75.

Day 8 is today: Took Ganirlex in the am...will take menopur and follistim in the pm. I have my appointment tomm...will find out my Estradiol level...they might do retrieval on sunday....lets see...

My injections give me cramps for a while...heavy tummy...but been okay otherwise...

Will keep you updated...

Keep smiling,

So now I am on more medication, my drug protocol for the next 4 days is 250 mcg of Ganirelix in the PM, 300 units of Follistim in the PM, and 300 IU of Menopur in the AM. [/QUOTE]

I had a very similar schedule and all 3 drugs with my first IVF round. Can't remember the Ganirelix, but Follistim was 375 and Menopur was 100 IU. I have to say, my first round wasn't comfortable. I was over stimualted with 23 eggs retrieved, 18 mature, only 5 fertilized, and none to freeze! I was SO bloated and sick the week after my retrieval that I was crying from the painful bloat.

Second round was smooth, an antagonist approach. Not as many meds (Follistim and Menapur) and not as many eggs retrieved, but ended up with my pregnancy.

Good luck ladies!

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