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Hey There Girl! I know we arenít located in the same area but I thought I would share my personal experience with you as well. Currently right now we are going through our 1st IVF cycle and are hopefully going to transfer an embryo around Nov 14th.

First off, my husband and I have ďunexplainedĒ infertility too. I am 35 & we have been together for 14yrs and we have never been pregnant. We have been actively trying to conceive for 3ys now. We have been charting my cycle, taking Clomid, seeing an acupuncturist & nothing has helped. We both have been tested & we came back in fine shape. I had seen a couple of OBGYNs (since that is what our insurance covered) and they ran several tests including ultrasounds (that came back inconclusive) and a HCG (dye test for your tubes). The HCG was around $1200 w/insurance but it could tell us for sure if I had a blockage in my tubes or not, which thank goodness I did not. My OBGYNs said everything looked normal.

Well obviously it was not normal because we still were not getting pregnant. We finally decided to see a specialist (RE) even though our insurance did not cover it. The initial consultation was $300. Then I had to have blood work done & an additional Saline Ultrasound, which the doc office was able to code it as non-fertility so my insurance would cover it. The specialist was able to pin-point a few problems that could affect our feritilty just after 2 visits seeing him. Just that diagnosis alone was worth paying the $300 up front.
He had diagnosed me with uterine polyps. These types of growths could cause miscarriages. Even though I had these growths the doctor felt as if this was not the main cause for us not to get pregnant for several yrs. He took a very detailed medical history and came to the conclusion that our unexplained fertility was probably a residual effect from a car accident I was in as a teenager. I had suffered severe abdominal trauma in that accident and our new Dr thinks there is a great chance I have scar tissue on my tubes making them weak and nearly impossible for them to pick my eggs us. For many years I thought that this car accident had something to do with my fertility but none of my previous doctors would ever confirm this. Again, it was well worth it to see a specialist just to get this info!

Fertility treatments are expensive and quite the gamble. However it is very important to us to give it at least one attempt. We decided that IVF would be our best beat since itís been many years of infertility.

My doctor does offer IUI and I believe it around $1600 Plus Meds- Clomid or Injectionables. I had a friend do IUI w/ my doctor and she got pregnant off her first attempt!

We are doing IVF & here is the cost breakdown-
Bloodwork, Labs, & Saline UltraSound- $0, thru insurance
Surgery to remove Polyps- CoPay thru insurance $1200
Addít Ultrasounds- $100-$300
Semen Anyalis- $125/per test
IVF package- $9800- includes 2 transfers if needed, egg harvest, standard embryo fertilization, ultrasound the month of your cycle, lab work the month of your cycle
IVF MEDs- This can range depending on what you need $1000-$5000- So far ours has been $5K for this first cycle.
Embryo Freeze- If needed, $700 for year 1
ICSI- If needed- $1500/cycle
Pre IVF Chromosome Embryo Testing- If elected- $3000

I know that this sounds very expensive and overwhelming and itís a personal choice for every individual to make. I know that doctorís fees can range greatly, but the one thing I would suggest is that you get a solid recommendation. A good doctor is everything especially when you have so much riding on the line.

We are right in the middle of our first IVF cycle. Right now Iím giving myself 3 injections a day, which arenít as bad as it sounds. The side effects have been mild, like PMS. We do a harvest next week & then hopefully an implant the following week. Iím excited & nervous at the same time! :)

Good Luck with your Journey!

[QUOTE=Progressive Dep;5080668]Hey Ladies,

My husband and I have been trying for three years now to concieve but with no luck. I am interested in persuing IUI as our first procedural step into medical intervention. I have been perscribed Clomid before and had taken it for 6 months unsuccessfully. I have been to a specialist here in Red Deer to rule out any physical or hormonal issues, with a clean bill of health, and same with my husband.

My Doctor said that our case was classified as an "unexplained" infertility issue and recommended that I go to the Calgary Medical Center to begin treatments there. Calgary and Edmonton are equally distant from where we live, so I don't particulairly care which center I need to go to, however money is an issue.

I have been putting this off for so long because I'm worried about the costs associated with IUI's as well as IVF's. We are currently raising our(his) two children from his first marrige full time, and cannot afford to just toss a couple thousand down without some serious cut-backs. I've waited as long as I dare thinking that maybe it still might happen on it's own, but nothing. I don't want to be unfair to my family, but putting this off any longer is detremental to the whole process from a stricktly physical standpoint. I've wanted to be a Mommy for as long as I can remember, and now I'm at the point where my body shouldn't wait any longer or my baby dreams my be lost forever, so I literally can't afford not to wait.

I just got my period again this morning. I'm very upset, I'm getting progressively more depressed and I just don't know if we will ever be able to have this miracle without help. I know there are other ladies out there just like me who have been through hell and back. I'm wrighting a post for the first time for some hope and help from you ladies before I go down this road. Can you girls please tell me what options you have tried, that were a success for you. Are there options? Your personal costs for both IUI and IVF ladies here in Alberta. What were your actual costs, not theoretical. I need to know just how deeply I'm getting in, or if I can.

Cost to wash sperm?
Cost to implant?
Any misc. Doc's appointments/consultations?
Any misc. drugs used?
How many times did it take you?

Your information would be particulairly helpful if your case were similar to mine(unexplained female infertility). I thank any of you who take the time to help me out by sharing your information. God bless your heart and baby wishes to all other suffering Mommy's in waiting. Thank you so much.[/QUOTE]

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