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Ivf two week wait
Oct 16, 2018
... Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting and I really could do with some advise. I had my trigger shots 10,000 on 1/10/18 and Iíve been testing at home since 15/10/18. I have been getting positives but tested today16 after trigger shot and got two positives in the morning and then one very faint almost nothing positive in the afternoon and another positive in the... (0 replies)
... the nurses are just as important as the doctor, so it' just as important to have one that is loving and that we love! ... (76 replies)
... really negative person, I start imagiing negative things. I'm trying ot be really positive, even just telling myself that this appointment doesn't really matter, as long as he tells me that I ovulated. That's what matters. I don't care if I O'ed 3 eggs, 2 eggs.....all it takes is one, right? ... (76 replies)

... you know how it goes too! I'm telling myself, no matter what, I'm not going to get discouraged. So even if he says "You didn't ovulate very well this time" then, as long as I ovulated that's what matters. Short of him saying "You didn't ovulate" I won't be disappointed. ... (76 replies)
... Hey Princess! Well, I have a good feeling this 2WW will end as great as it started!!! I wouldn't be surprised if implantation is getting ready to occur! It's pretty exciting to think about... ... (76 replies)
... I htink I actually O'ed CD 15. It wasn't as obvious this time around, but judging from CM, that's when I O'ed. ut the curious thing is, I'm still gettin gtwinges, mainly on my right side. ... (76 replies)
... e are all signs of endo. Endometriosis can be the ONLY reason for infertility and if you catch it soon enough before it causes scar tissue, you can eliminate it as a cause. ... (18 replies)
... All we can ever do is to stay as positive as we can, right? ... (76 replies)
... thinking as positive as possible! ... (76 replies)
... it is so much easier to stay positive when the weather is nice out! I'm glad you're feeling well, and I'm feeling super positive for you as well!! It sounds as if you and DH had the BDing more than covered this month!! ... (76 replies)
... she said we hav to undergo the IUI today only....DH already left to the office.....I called him and told to come back as early as possible.....i will go for the IUi once he is home ......! ... (14 replies)
... I'm a bit late in here, but was sorry to hear you didn't get surprised with a BFP this time around. As others have noted, you are handling this very well. It's quite admirable, really. And you do deserve this as much as anyone else... ... (24 replies)
... Hey Aymie sorry to hear u got BFN.That witch better show her face soon.As far as who deserves a baby more is not an issue we all deserve a baby just as much as the next girl.Doesnt matter how long u have asked for it.IF is very emotional thing to go through thats why u need support and lots of patience. ... (24 replies)
... I know!! This will go down in history as the first holiday I have ever wanted to postpone. Children will study at it. Adults will marvel at it. I'm just going to go insannnnnne. ... (76 replies)
... I may soon be switching it to a prenatal appt!!! I just know how often we interact with the nurses at doctor offices and I'm looking forward to loving my nurse as much as my doctor! So... would you continue to see your doctor if you got pregnant? ... (76 replies)
... I can't wait to read that thread! As soon as I finish here, I'll jump over! ... (76 replies)
... Please let us know as soon as you have your result... will be thinking of you... ... (76 replies)
... nt worry about B'Ding Im sure many people do it not even aware there is an embie implanting and I think that if it prevented implantation the world would not be as populated as it is. So Im sure you have nothing to worry about. ... (76 replies)
... You're right to feel concerned abotu this, but I htink that as soon as you speak abotu this frankly to your RE, you'll feel much better. Good luck! ... (76 replies)
... HI Ladies!! Well, I caved. I had to! As soon as Dh came and picked me up, he said to me (and I"m so serious when I say this) "Feel like KFC?" How could I resist? I don't have a heart (or in this case stomach) made of stone! :jester: Pinkie--- WOW!! So many cookies!!! I could actually go for some. Mmmmm, bit no. This craving I must try and squash. I really hope the intense... (76 replies)

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