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... My retrieval is scheduled for tomm...I have more than 20 folliciles per the dr. I am apprehesive about the after effects of retrieval...on your first round of ivf...did the dr still continue with the transfer... ... (27 replies)
Pcos and ivf
Jan 13, 2009
... then 32. The first two resulted in pregnancies and I experienced hyperstimulation but only after becoming pregnant. The symptoms I experienced were severe bloating and pain in the abdomen. ... (3 replies)
Pcos and ivf
Jan 13, 2009
... I di my first IVF at 29 and I did have a VERY mild case of hyperstimulation. After ER, I was held up in pain on the bathroom floor and my ovaries were very enlarged. I had pain on and off throughout the 2ww and got a bfn. ... (3 replies)

... I had a full feeling after about day 6 in my stims so that bloating is completely normal although unpleasant. Like Littlebo said weight gain is totally normal in this process and will eventually go away. ... (95 replies)
... There's also going to be some bloating and tenderness because of your enlarged ovaries. It will go away. ... (6 replies)
... You are on bed rest the day of and the day after surgery. The day of, you are pretty groggy for the rest of the day from having anaesthetia. ... (20 replies)
Fresh IVF cycle
Sep 24, 2009
... nded better. It sounds like that you will have some good eggies for fertilization. I also felt pretty bloated towards the end of my stim cycle and luckily, the bloating went away aboout two days after retieval ... ... (124 replies)
... Hey PrayingforUs, congrats to you on a job well done with the weight loss! I sympathize with the subsequent weight gain after struggling with IF for a while... I can certainly relate. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Laurie! Great numbers! Wow, 9 of 12 fertilized that's great! I know it can be scary to think about IVF not working after putting your body through so much, but truth is it very often works on the first try! Crossing my fingers for you. ... (23 replies)
... it is even hard for me to show up at transfer with a full bladder because i hate drinking so much. i don't know if by not drinking a lot i was able to curb the bloating by not taking on so much fluid or if that is just a coincidence. ... (9 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jul 23, 2007
... s. At the clinic, it happened that she has gulped more progesterone than needed and they told her to stop and that the heartburn and bloating will stop. She is already feeling better. ... (525 replies)
... e blood and sit in the waiting room until they had the results. Nope! they told us to leave and call them back in two hrs. for the results. That's because the IVF clinic is across the street from the lab, so we had to wait. Oh that was the longest two hours EVER. Made the 2ww nothing! ... (104 replies)
IVF cycle buddies
Jul 22, 2004
... I guess all of these are normal reactions to the drugs moving through my system, being a little overstimulated, and getting pg. Good news is they told me the bloating should go away in a few days. Looking forward to that. ... (85 replies)
... I do have bloating but no pain now my boobs are sore by the end of the day but that could be because of my AF or the meds i was on right? ... (49 replies)
... They did transfer 2 with my first round. My levels were no where near high as yours. I didn't get the bloat until several days after transfer. ... (27 replies)
... growing in my remaining ovary, and since my endometriosis is very aggressive, the RE is really wanting this cycle to work. They are constantly reminding me that after I have a child, I should have a hysterectomy. Not fun to think about at 32. What were you numbers at your last appointment. ... (27 replies)
... I am hoping for the trigger on Tues or Wed and the ER Thurs or Friday. I hope this bloating and generalized fat feeling goes away at some point.. Feeling weepy and tired and irritable and mad at myself for not feeling happier. ... (95 replies)
... cle starts, then Ganirelix for 3, then Brevelle, Menipure, Ganirelix, and Novarelle. I keep telling myself that it starts August 6, but in reality that's the day after tomorrow. My stomach already has butterflies. ... (77 replies)
... How many days past your retrieval did you do the transfer? My beta was 11 days past a 3 day transfer for my first IVF. My 2nd was 9 days past a 5 day transfer. Both exactly 14 days past retrieval (or technically O). When is your beta? Bloating and cramping could also be an early pregnancy symptom. I wish you all the best and hope this is a sneaky BFP!:angel: (4 replies)
Sept/Oct IVF
Oct 1, 2007
... ba, Aimee, and Mady... thank you guys so much for the reassurance. It really came at the right time, and I feel SO much better hearing that none of you felt any bloating this early in stimming. I really need to forget about last time... ... (183 replies)

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