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... speak with women in my situation. I have a beautiful 4 year old son and I've been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I went to my OB and he started me on clomid for a couple of months. ... (9 replies)
... I've noticed from other messages that when on clomid, many of you are getting HCG shots to make sure you ovulate. Is this standard protocol? ... (6 replies)
Aug 8, 2004
... There are other ways of treating LPD. Not just by Clomid. Does the doctor prescribe Clomid first? ... (15 replies)

... Do be careful, and do your own research not every Dr. knows what they are doing. I'm not saying that yours does not. I started taking clomid sept 2001. I started with 50mg, then 100mg, 150mg, 200mg, and 3 rounds at 250mg, even though I was making good follicles at 100mg and 150mg. ... (8 replies)
... I started with clomid only when we were trying 3 years ago. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you! I am going to my first appt at the fertility clinic next week. I am glad you don't have to take the pill EVERY day - i have enough of those already :) poozie (6 replies)
... I had to becareful of what I ate while I was taking it. I am only on my first round of Clomid, so I am hardly an expert. I did take Robitussing while I was on Clomid because it can dry our your mucus. I don't know about the shots, but lots of people on the board take shots. ... (6 replies)
... I swear, this board has kept me sane for some time! As far as my experience with clomid...I was on clomid 50mg for 2 months and I got pregnant the on the second cycle!!!! ... (35 replies)
HCG & Clomid
Aug 29, 2006
... Anyone ovulate successfully with clomid and HCG shots or didn't ovulate with HCG shot and Clomid? ... (2 replies)
... my doctor said to call her on cycle day 1 to discuss the clomid.She did not say anything to me either concerning HCG shots or US. I wondered about this also. I have Insurance so thats not an issue. ... (6 replies)
... I, too, have heard that if clomid does not work for you within 3 cycles then chances are - it won't work for you. My doc was the one who told me this - as once I'm done with lupron shots (3 months of shots to help with endo) then we will move on to clomid for only 3 months - Good luck to you - and hopefully your new year will bring new hope. Smiles & hugs - Jen :angel: (5 replies)
... y certain that my doc would say that was unneccessary and overkill, considering I've conceived twice without them. But I've heard good things about adding a few shots at the end of a Clomid round. Thoughts on this? ... (2 replies)
... he info that after 6months of being on it they prefer you come off it for a while and try again! I have a specialist appointment today and so may ask about these shots but im not sure if they do them here in the U.K but its worth asking. ... (6 replies)
... I may be wrong, but I thought shots were more for those going for IVF? ... (6 replies)
... If ur first month doesn't work.....get him to up the dosage of Clomid and give you the HCG. the thing about the HCG is that you end up KNOWING when ur gonna ovulate....very helpful in getting preggers. ... (6 replies)
... back side, I thought oh great I started clomid yesterday and now this, I was thinking it might have been a cys but we I went to emergency the doctor told me that clomid would not have worked that fast and that it was my kidney stones again. ... (19 replies)
... Hey everyone! I have pcos and have been taking clomid for the past 3 months. ... (0 replies)
... We then bumped up to 100mg for 2 months along with duing IUI. The most follicles I got on the clomid was 3. ... (9 replies)
1st time clomid
Apr 8, 2002
... Clomid, i felt nothing but the heat flashes. first i thought i was imagining it, but i've learnt on this board that it's normal. i had actually 1 full cycle with Clomid and IUI. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks SeekNFind for the info. I think I'll wait and see what happens at the end of this month. This is my first round of clomid (at 100mg). If it doesn't work then I'll ask DR to do something- probably the HCG shots. Amy (6 replies)

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