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TTC Stats
Aug 29, 2006
... found out DH has low testostrone has to take shots for 4weeks and then every month also has low motility. ... (68 replies)
... hi i'm new here and my situation was like urs...i was on the depo stop in 04..i only took 2 shots and i stoped.. ... (3 replies)
... Gina - It is good to have someone going through the same thing at the same time. Well, I went again this morning for U/S and B/W. More follicles and some are much larger - two in the 18-19 range. The rest were 12-15, and then some they would not measure (they do not measure ones that are less than 12 where I go), but it seems like I have at least 8 follicles that are of OK... (26 replies)

... My periods were usually very normal - every 28 days - before I started infertility. But, I have found that after doing the infertility meds and IUIs, my periods come much later than they used to. When I was taking clomid, I was up to 35 day cycles. This was my first month on the follistom shots, and I am still in the 2ww period. But, you never know, you could be pregnant!... (7 replies)
... Hey ya'll! Has anyone had trouble getting thier hubbies to get the SA done? DH is INCREDIBLY MODEST! He won't even talk about it. He just keeps saying..."no pressure, I'll get it done. You won't even know that I went". He is truely embarrassed. But, everytime I go to the RE, the doc asks if the SA in done (knowing full well it isn't). I am on Clomid and getting HCG... (4 replies)
... east try it a couple of times if you can afford it because at least the sperm starts out inside the uterus instead of having to travel further. Basically, I did Clomid and shots too so you're already halfway there. And the actually IUI was pretty painless and very quick. Good luck to you in whatever you choose! ... (2 replies)
... mobility, and for me well the only thing I can remember them telling me is after I did the clomid challenge test my fsh shot up to the high 20's. ... (4 replies)
Special foods
Feb 11, 2006
... I went to get a 2nd opinion of my recent results. My fsh levels after clomid shot up in the high 20's and was told by the doc that they will not be doing any procedure with me. ... (7 replies)
... My DH and I have been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs. Clomid didn't work so I went to see a specialist $140 a visit. Well Dr. wants me to do the pergonal shots. Well, I am saving money for that because it's $1,000 a try not including visits!! I would like to know if any of you ladies have tried pergonal. Also, I notice I get cervical secretions and I don't know if this is hurting DH... (5 replies)
... a huge fear of needles, I would literally pass out anytime I even saw someone getting a shot or blood drawn or whatever. I have been on clomid for 9 months and every month I have to have my blood drawn to have my progesterone tested. ... (7 replies)
The waiting game
Apr 20, 2005
... laurabelle~ I was on lupron for 3 months for mild-endo. I had been through the HSG, endo-biopsy, and lap (thats when they found the endo in my cul-de-sac area) --- I was then put on lupron shots for the 3 months - they caused hot flashes and headaches. Now that I am off of them - my last shot was 11Feb05 - and I have yet to get AF back yet. I am still waiting. My doc's... (10 replies)
The waiting game
Apr 6, 2005
... Hi all. It's been some time since I posted last as I've been on lupron to aide my endometriosis. I was on the lupron shots for 3 months (had REALLY bad hot flashes... WOW.. I really don't want to get old! ) and I am now waiting for AF to show. I never thought I would be wanting her to show up, but this time I do - as we move onto our next phase of ttc - clomid. I've had... (10 replies)
... What dose were you on, how many shots a day for how many days, how many follicles produced and any pelvic cramping? ... (7 replies)
Mar 7, 2005
... and I just finished 3 months of lupron shots that I was told would subside the endo. My current doc has always felt that endo needs to be treated in some way before continuing treatment. Dh and I agreed.. ... (35 replies)
Jan 17, 2005
... saraht1~ You said that if the woman is ovulating on her own the cost for IVF is much cheaper. Do you happen to know how much cheaper? Dh and I may have to look further into IVF if our next two steps don't work. (right now I'm on lupron shots for endo - then we go to clomid before anyting else) Money is a factor for us as our insurance doesn't pick up IVF costs... .so when... (11 replies)
... looks great. Lupron shots Nov 2000 thru Apr 2001. Pregnant Nov 2001, 1st misc at 2 weeks. ... (1 replies)
Hi, I'm new here
Jan 11, 2005
... I was on clomid and used the Ovulation Predicter Kits. Dh has poor morphology...this last time he had only 4.7 mil good ones. ... (18 replies)
... o no matter how large or small bec she feels that it can affect fertility. She has since put me on lupron for 3 months to help subside it and then we will go to clomid from there. I have had one shot of the lupron and have to say that intercourse is not as painful as it had been. ... (6 replies)
... Congraultions on your BFP. We have a similar story to you. We tried clomid 3 times each time producing two or more follicles and my husbands counts are low, but motility is good. ... (46 replies)
... ang1968~ Well, I know that our insurance does not cover IVF eihter, but I know that if that is our only way - we will find some way to afford it. I've looked into it in our state (IL) and some places here have a refund deal - you purchase 4 IVF cycles (15-20K) and if you're not pg after 4 - you get a full refund. I know this doesn't help tell you how to pay for it --- but I... (1 replies)

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