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... I did IUI with Clomid and one dose Menopur and got a BFP on the first try. Now I'm 7 weeks and crossing my fingers that this one will stick. ... (2 replies)
... I met someone today at an indoor play place that has twins. She was like oh yeah we had to take clomid twice to get them, as if that was something major and I was like oh well you were lucky because I did a year of injectables, 5 IUI's and then 2 IVF's. ... (10 replies)
... Any advice is greatly appreciated, as I am still on the fence about how long to try Clomid and IUI before adding the hormone injections. ... (0 replies)

... Ladies: Some of you already knew that I had decided to try injectibles in this coming Septermber cycle after 4 failed cycles with Clomid, HCG trigger shot and IUI... sigh.... Today, my RE asked me to check with my insurance company to see which brand that they cover, Gonal-F, Follistim, or Bravelle. Before checking with them, I'd like to hear what your suggestions are... (7 replies)
... I think you have hypothalamic amenorrhea. I was also misdiagnosed with PCOS based on only ultrasound findings. However, after going on estrogen shots for 6 weeks my cysts totally disappeared. PCOS cysts don't disappear that quickly. ... (36 replies)
... He decided to put me on estrogen shots for 2 months to shrink them. I had horrible side effects from the estrogen so he gave me progesterone to induce a period. I got AF then started clomid. ... (3 replies)
Any advice??
Oct 19, 2006
... I haven't tried Metformin. I am getting ready to start Clomid and Novarel injected since we are still TTC. I am really not overweight, nor do I have any hair on my face. ... (6 replies)
Any advice??
Oct 15, 2006
... breast tenderness, peeing alot, etc. My boobs do not hurt or anything. I am just frustrated because we are ready to do these shots and Clomid. I have had a lot of wierd feelings, like pain for a week last month, and one day of dizziness, and my last AF lasted 2 weeks. ... (6 replies)
... I had no side effects from the Bravelle. When I was taking the Clomid I was a bit umm... moody but nothing too major. Or at least I didn't think so. hehe. DH might say differently. ... (5 replies)
... RE also said it is because I have low estrogen which is preventing my lining from building up. So...essentially I had no lining to shed. I ended up starting the clomid and shots anyway as my RE said that he just needed to ensure my lining was thin and the follicles were small. ... (10 replies)
IVF Question
Apr 23, 2006
... km- I am so excited that we will be cycling buddies!!!! It will be great to go through it with someone. I am very scared for the progesterone injections, I have heard they are bad:( I hated the Hcg shot, I was always a little sore the next day from them. How long do you do the progesterone shots, and how many a day? I have taken the last two months off from treatments,... (9 replies)
... done my injectible drug and iui cycles. I was just doing this because of the cost if it doesn't work in a couple of months I will have to go back to my RE. The clomid cycles are only costing me around 150. ... (5 replies)
... typed... My sister got pg with the help of clomid and some other meds. She and I are always chatting about her story and whats going on with me... sorry for any confusion. ... (6 replies)
Lupron ?
Dec 2, 2004
... so she is putting me on lupron shots for the next three months. ... (4 replies)
... So four years went by and we were like 'hmm something must be up'. My dh went in and got tested and he was fine so I started doing clomid and hcg shots each month, along with an ultrasound to see if I was responding to the clomid. ... (56 replies)
... Sorry but I dont really know much about Clomid since i never used it. ... (12 replies)
... My insurance could be better, could be worse. My insurance covered all the clomid pills and hcg shots, ultrasounds and doctor visits up to this point it paid everything except copays). I did the clomid/hcg about 15 times over a 2 year period, the last 7 trys were consecutive with no luck. Now that i've been referred to a specialist my insurance pays for everything up until we... (29 replies)
What to do...?
Nov 10, 2003
... I'm in a bit of a problem, and thought I'd write to see if anyone had any advice, or answers for me. Recently I took Clomid 100mg and an HGC shot to bring on O, but it didn't work. So, my RE gave me prometrium for 10 days to bring on AF. I finished that a week ago Saturday. ... (2 replies)
... NAME: Autmun AGE: 32 LOCATION: Louisiana TTC: 5 years TRIED: Clomid+IUI, IUI+Injectables, Injectables+IVF#1. RESULTS: After IVF#1 - positive blood test (hcg=49), then subsequent tests every other day for 1 week revealed we were having a chemical pregnancy (ie, embryo implanted, but lost the baby at almost 5 weeks). (75 replies)
I'm done
Apr 15, 2003
... g I can't do this anymore I have only just begun and I don't think I can make it. Then I read your post and you give me hope. If you can hang in there with the shots I will finish the clomid too. I hope this is both our months. Good luck and and big thank you HUG!!! ... (29 replies)

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