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... We tried 6 months of clomid and 7 rounds of injectables, 4 with IUI, and nothing worked. we were labeled as unexplained IF. ... (3 replies)
... So clomid for 6 mo. to no avail. ... (3 replies)
... Quick background: 3 yrs ago we got pg right away, but ended in ectopic. They saved the tube and we tried again without success. I originally found this site and posted on the pregnancy board. After that, I moved to the TTC board. and then started looking at the "infertility" board in awe. At first felt out of my element with talk of trigger shots, follistim, transfers, etc and... (8 replies)

Good news bad news
Dec 13, 2007
... morning or not.....depends on how strong I think I am to accept either answer I get. I'll be 12 DPO. Sooooo I am thinking about asking my dr about the repronex shots if the clomid and stuff didn't work this cycle......anyone else got any ideas I should ask about? ... (63 replies)
AF - Not sure??
Dec 5, 2007
... ist we have women here from all over the world and different careers I just think its so cool.I thought you were a nurse cause you once mentioned you give people shots all day long.Well glad your shot went well tonight and I am glad you were a good girl and just sat there and took ... (68 replies)
AF - Not sure??
Dec 4, 2007
... Hi Kari - I hope too for you - (I know having to do so many injections is tough) that you'll have to do lots and lots of them because of your BFP (I know that sounds weird!). Forgive me for not knowing, but what are the POI shots? As for the hcg, I've always gotten the ovidrel before with my clomid/IUI cycles, and the nurse gave them to me in the behind. I'm not sure what... (68 replies)
... I dont know if some ladies here have use one but since it did not result in BFP, I have not relied on it that much. Also, not sure if the clomid and trigger shots affects the results. ... (7 replies)
Sep 4, 2007
... Yup, bunnies year round and Mickey is 1 hour away from me. I think all the kids should grow up here.:) OPK(Ovulation Predictor Kit) is the P on a stick. Yours must be a little different, how is it predicting days in advance? Honestly, I hated to test, but RE was making me while I was on Clomid just to make sure I don't O before the U/S appointment. Normally, I could always... (331 replies)
... The tiredness is perfectly normal though I dare say the heparin shots are adding to it. So much is happening inside you right now it is only to be expected. ... (73 replies)
... Hi , So , I just been reading about you and did u find out if u were pg with the iui ? I sure hope so . we had one gone thru alot with trying to concieved a baby that we dearly want so bad but time will tell but I think my time is running out tho keep me up to date (53 replies)
... I'm a newbie. I was diagnosed with Pcos in January. I've been through 3 cycles of clomid and provera a number of times to bring AF. I took FSH shots for five days. I just had my iui today. I'm suppose to have a second one tomorrow. I had two follicles that were large enough. One was 15 and one was 15.9. ... (53 replies)
... Hi Ruby! I too am on 81mg aspirin. It actually helps thicken, not thin the lining. I was just put on it last cycle because while my RE was doing an ultrasound to check follicle size, he noticed my lining was thin (most likely due to the clomid which thins your lining). I think the reasoning behind is aspirin helps thin the blood; therefore, more blood flow to the uterus,... (14 replies)
Good Luck Deluka
Feb 20, 2007
... Oh, I didn't realize your last clomid pill was today, always good to be thru the meds! The shots are going great, thx for asking... ... (133 replies)
Good Luck Deluka
Feb 20, 2007
... n tow.I really hope u get ur BFP soon Kari it is just ashame we have to go through this much longer without BFP.We so deserve BFP's all of us here.So how are the shots going? ... (133 replies)
... O that is just great! I only did with clomid/IUI and gonalf/IUI but there is no dr. who can draw my blood or give me a shot that I dont say, I dont care about the pain. It's nothing compared to the infertiltiy shots.! Hope this works, fingers crossed! (30 replies)
Green Light!
Jan 4, 2007
... Well, I just got back from my follow up appointment from my surgery and guess RE gave us the green light to start IVF!:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire I am just so very happy I could die!!!!! After the surgery, I thought we would have to wait until like April or so. So I am at cd15 today and still have not gotten the surge on the OPK. I should get it... (19 replies)
IUI Question
Nov 14, 2006
... I had IUI the first time because on my last (3rd) cycle on clomid, I had NOOOO CM. So the sperm would be unlikely to make it through my cervix. Then, my RE recommended IUI becuase I was moving on to injectables and you definitely want to be sure your getting ovulation and timing of sperm with the egg after doing those shots! My RE said the IUI will give us a little extra... (6 replies)
IUI success?
Sep 11, 2006
... Paula, One more thing, My re also had me take drugs to stimulate my ovaries to produce more eggs (to increase chance of pregnancy) and also controlled ovulation so they would know exactly when the best time to do the iui would be. I ovulate every month and have very regular cycles but I am 35years old. When you are on the stimulating shots (follistim) you have to go in... (2 replies)
... The clomid meds and shots, etc are making my mind mush and making it impossible to concentrate. I am not effective at work anymore. ... (5 replies)
... Yes, and Pennie, I did tell the nurse this am when I was at the office for the blood draw to tell the doc I didn't want to do clomid anymore!! I'm done with it. There are many things I like about it, esp. the first couple months I was on it, but my body's just had it with that drug I think. ... (4 replies)

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