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... Thanks so much! And good luck to you as well. No matter how it happens, I just know your BFP will be posted here soon :) (9 replies)
... Good Luck Sarah! I've heard so many positive successful stories about IVF. I'll be so excited to hear of your BFP! ;) (9 replies)
... Well, they said that I should be on them for 19-21 days, but I may be on them a bit longer in order to fully suppress my estrogen level. Once I can stop the pills, I believe it will be a 3-week process of shots/appts/egg retrieval/etc. I will find out soon :) (9 replies)

... I think it's smart that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket :) Keep up the hope that this IUI may have worked, but also look towards the next step. As far as injectibles vs IVF, I guess that depends on your age and pocketbook. For example, I'm 39 so I only did IUI once then moved on to IVF (on BC pills in preparation for it now). But it is very expensive. (9 replies)
... Thanks for the encouragement Sarah K! IUI went well today. Hubby's count was around 93 million and motility was great. So, I guess we shall see in due time. I had that crampy/fullness/ovulating feeling before I went in and just a little bit afterwards, so hopefully the timing is good. I'm going back for another IUI tomorrow at 10AM. Fingers are crossed that the... (9 replies)
... Don't be hopeless! I know it's hard to get your hopes up when it didn't come through the way you wanted in the past, but think of it this way: you are on the path towards having that baby. It may work and it may not this time, but at least you are being proactive and workign towards that goal. Hang in there and get excited about being on that path :) (9 replies)
New here!
Nov 1, 2007
... Thanks for all your relpys back!:) i went for my pg test today and it's negative. i'm ok with it though. i knew in me heart that it was and if it did come out positive it would be a similiar due date as I had with the twins. i know that would have been hard to swallow and my hubby even said he would have a hard time with that. hey, everything happens for a reason. This isn't... (31 replies)
Had clomid now iui
May 20, 2007
... Last cycle, my follicle measured 20, which she was very happy with. She gave me the trigger shot, then I had my IUI the next morning. They can also make sure that there aren't any cysts. I hope this helps! Good luck! ... (8 replies)
... Doc said we should have NO problem on our own. 3 months later, perfect timing, NO BFP. So.....I finally requested a fertility doctor and he tried us on Clomid, Trigger shot, and timed intercourse and NADA. So we moved to IUI number 1 and DH's number were pretty low.... ... (13 replies)
... mm, whether on clomid or not. So you're close to the 8mm, I'd think positive. ... (8 replies)
... The needles are nothing, don't worry about it. And very few people get side effects but you'll be monitored carefully to make sure you don't get overstimulated. The main side effect to worry about is the annoyance of getting pregnancy symptoms during the 2ww. This is because the "trigger shot" to make you ovulate is in fact pregnancy hormone. (It's also why you shouldn't test... (6 replies)
... in a row my follicles were not big enough to call for the trigger shot. So your case is not that uncommon. It is so upsetting, and I just don't know where to go from here. ... (5 replies)
... I have had two rounds of repronex and an HCG trigger shot ovidrel that have failed does anyone think i should look it getting IUI along with the drugs to better the chance of getting pg. ... (6 replies)
... I ovulate on clomid without the HCG trigger shot. Most the other women I know who have been on it have o'ed without the trigger shot. It varies because some will need the trigger shot while others wont. ... (7 replies)
Sep 5, 2007
... natural BD for several months, then added IUI and the HCG trigger shot to the mix for several more months. ... (26 replies)
... I trigger shot yesterday as my follies grew from 18 to 20 yesterday being the dominant one and the rest were 15.5, 15.5, 14, 13, 12.5, 12, 10, 10. Usually I trigger 36 hour before IUI but this time it is 24 hrs. ... (76 replies)
Jun 14, 2013
... my first message post. Well my husband and I are trying to have a baby I was diagnosed with PCOS. So I went to a fertility specialist and she put me on metformin clomid and the HCG trigger shot. Well I have not been taking the the metformin because I have heard of a lot of bad side effects. This is my second cycle. ... (2 replies)
... I do not mean that the clomid and progesterone will give you a false positive rather when you use trigger with your clomid and the rest but if not, you are fine. ... (41 replies)
... cycles and if I did not get PG then we would change the process a bit. I started with 50 mg Clomid and that did not work so we upped it to 100 mg, we saw a dramatic increase in my follicles once that was done. ... (3 replies)
... I also had to take an HCG Trigger shot. The HCG shot is very common, it helps to time the IUI. You will have the IUI about 36 hours after the trigger shot. It's given before IUI whether you are taking pills like clomid or injections like gonal F or repronex. ... (46 replies)

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