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... a pill to help you ovulate. It does increase the chance of twins, but not that high. I'm not sure if you need a trigger shot on Clomid. I think you can still monitor LH to see the surge. Not everyone responds to Clomid, and it does have some side effects. ... (7 replies)
... Husband is fine. I have PCOS. I have taken Clomid for about 10 months throughout the 4 years. May 2007 I took Glucaphage 1000mg, Clomid 100mg, HCG trigger and did IUI. ... (1 replies)
... Welcome to the boards. Although the chances of triplets on Clomid is slim, your nurse absolutely was not being funny. It definitly can happen. ... (3 replies)

... e that had grown to 26. This was great news since I have been treating a pituitary tumor and PCOS for a year with no luck in getting ovulation or AF. Doing the clomid actually "woke up" my system! ... (7 replies)
... Are you going to have a trigger shot to trigger ovulation before an IUI or wait for natural O? ... (8 replies)
... orry I have not been on the boards to answer you but things are hectic here for me at the moment. Thanks for the congrats. Here is what I went through......I did clomid for 5 cycles in total with no HCG trigger and no monitoring, just regular BDing. ... (4 replies)
Iui #4
Jun 25, 2009
... Both cycles I've been doing 100mg Clomid and the Ovidrel trigger shot. ... (7 replies)
... or it to work. If you do not succeed in getting PG within those 3 times then most likely it will not happen in that manner. For me, the first 3 we did was with clomid alone and the HCG trigger shot. ... (5 replies)
... with trigger shot and timed intercourse and got PG the first month! ... (28 replies)
... ry! I know everyone is different, but I had no side effects from the clomid. I had one mature follicle and two others that were almost mature at the time of my trigger shot. The IUI wasn't bad at all. They thread a tiny tube through your cervix and inject the sperm. ... (10 replies)
... I've been keeping track also. I looked back and when my progesterone level was 4.4 after I ovulated, they upped my dosage of Clomid and put me on progesterone suppositories each month after my HCG trigger shot to improve my progesterone levels. ... (8 replies)
When to HPT?
Nov 3, 2008
... with trigger shot. I've read that the trigger shot can give a false BFP, so I'm wondering when is it safe to hpt and be sure of the result? ... (1 replies)
... I also did the follistim shots and the trigger shot. I did the trigger shot on a Wednesday at 9pm and then had IUI that Friday at 11am. I am sorry to say but I broke down this morning and did a preg was negative. ... (18 replies)
IUI $?
Jun 13, 2003
... s, Clomid and HCG trigger shot. ... (6 replies)
... follitism, days 5, 7, 9, 11 and an HCG trigger shot on day 13. My IUI was on day 15. ... (3 replies)
... So, I think that depends on each doctor. Now that I am done with the clomid we have moved onto injectibles. This will be my second month. Last month, I had 10 follicles and after the hcg trigger shot, 5 of the 10 follicles dropped!!! ... (4 replies)
Starting Clomid
Jul 13, 2004
... I was on clomid for 6 months but did not have monitoring or hcg along with it. When I started my injectibles I had monitoring and the hcg shot. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I have been diagnosed with the general unexplained infertility. My husband and I have a daughter that was born without difficulty, nearly two years ago. We have been trying for a second child since this past August--with the assistance of an RE. After 4 cycles of clomid, our RE suggested IUI w/clomid. It didn't work, and the following clomid cycle (#6) led to... (1 replies)
... As far as the hcg trigger shot goes, I had it done on Tues to drop follicles and then the IUI on Thurs. ... (47 replies)
Jul 28, 2004
... We came back from our "this is how you give the trigger shot" meeting with the nurse and I realized that if I don't get pregnant then the next cycle of clomid will interfere with our vacation, which was already post-poned once because I broke my arm. I'm so frustrated and I feel defeated before we have even started. I didn't realize that the clomid/shot would bring my period... (2 replies)

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