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Oct 1, 2007
... thanks ladies, Estrodial as suppository, yikes, as if the progestrone supp isn't fun enough ;) LOL. I had my LH surge on Tues morning so came home from work and did HCG inj then BD then went in for IUI Wed am (was at clinic @6:30) said sample was really good considering we BD 12 hours prior. Anyhow, if this cycle isn't successful (hoping and praying that it is) we... (10 replies)
Oct 6, 2007
... had sore breast before but not so much of the tingling. I am thinking AF should show ugly face tomorrow unless the Estrodial alters my cycles, not sure what to expect. ... (10 replies)
Sep 24, 2007
... Hello ladies, Just wanted to give an update. I had my midcycle U/S on Sun and was reported the results today. I have to start taking Estrodial b/c my lining isn't as thick as they would like it to be this month. so took my first dose today. I am doing my HCG on Wed early am and then my IUI Thur evening. There were 3 follies at my u/s but I don't know their size. 2 on... (10 replies)

... Hi, I am on cycle day 8 and had my sono and blood drawn. My follicles were less than 12mm so I have to take more meds and my estrodial was 218.....what does this mean and what are they measuring? ... (3 replies)
Feb 15, 2007
... roblem is just because we ovulate doesnt mean our eggs are strong enough. Or mature enough. I was ovulating on day 14 and ultra sound showed poor size eggs and estrodial was only about 117. FOr each egg you have that is mature my RE liked the Estrodial to be 200 or more. ... (11 replies)
Oct 17, 2007
... and the Estrodial starting on day 8. ... (7 replies)
A sign from god
Sep 18, 2006
... egg you have. I had one egg and estrodiol was only 117 the first time she tested me. So that is when we tried clomid the next time i tested I had 3 eggs and my estrodial at day 14 was over 600 so each egg had been good and that is when i got pg. I do hope that this dr. has done these tests. ... (6 replies)
... Repronex injections and am on day 13. Tomorrow I have my fourth sonogram and will get the latest results of my estrodial count taken on Friday. I started out with an estrodial of 72, then 90 and last Wednesday it was only 120. ... (11 replies)
... We were told to sit this cycle out (meaning no Clomid) due to ovarian cysts. Last month I had 3 cysts on left ovary and 1 on the right. This month just one on each side. Still the RE won't start me on Clomid again til all cysts go down. After the ultrasound on Monday (CD27) I had blood drawn. Results were as follows: Estrodial: 96.2 LH: 3.73 Progesterone: less then... (6 replies)
... Hello, For those who do not know our story...DH is 33 and I am 32 we have TTC for over 4 years now, diagnosed with unexplained IF. We have passed all tests with flying colors, have done upwards of 8 IUI with various concotions of clomid, letrozale, progestrone, HCG, estrodial, etc. Finally moved on to IVF only to do all the injectables and have it cancelled the week prior... (7 replies)
... I was taking Estrodial prior to my IUI to support my lining and I was taking it orally. But I have a friend who was doing IVF and she was taking hers vaginally. ... (8 replies)
... Hey ladies,:jester: I need some major prayers and well wishes!!!! ;) We are on our final cycle of IUI and hoping and praying that this is our month. I have added 2 new meds to my protocol, Antigon and Estrodial (started on CD 8 this month) along with Clomid, HCG and Prog Supp. so hoping all this extra stuff helps and we have perfect lining, perfect environment, etc and... (14 replies)
... Hi Holly, I did a quick search online and found anywhere from 800-4,000 for estrodial at the time of retrieval (some have had higher levels though). Again, depends on how many mature follicles you have. One site said 250-350 per mature follicle. I couldn't find out how much for growing follicles (maybe that is your 100 number?). I have 18 follicles on my left and I am... (27 replies)
... does anyone know if Estrodial will affect your cycle length? ... (121 replies)
... thanks, I have been drinking lots of hot tea, that usually does the trick but it hasn't been this cycle. Perhaps it is the Estrodial, that is the only thing this cycle that has changed. thanks (6 replies)
... Had my ET on thursday the 4th. I go from my Hcg on the 12th and 14th. I'm currently on progesterone 2cc in am, suppositories in the eve. And twice a week I'm on Estrodial Valerate injections. I fear that this may be my last time. I'm just praying really hard for that BFP! ... (62 replies)
Oct 4, 2007
... ooooooooooh, my dear friend, Hopeful! That sounds promising, especially considering where you are in you rcycle. I am so praying for you and hoping that this time is it!! Have you ever side effect from the meds liek this before? ********babydust********* (10 replies)
... Absolutely, it can be because of the meds, especially progesterone. Progesterone can cause serious constipation, along with estrodial. I am little surprised that your doctor did not tell you this about the progesterone. Drink lots of liquids! It should help. ;) (6 replies)
Oct 3, 2007
... yes one more week of my 2ww. ah, all the pills, I agree, I should get a pill box LOL. I carry them in my purse in case I forget to take them in the morning, once I had to waste my lunch hour racing home to take my clomid, that is def one pill you do not want to forget since it is taken for only a few days LOL;) My breasts are getting reallllllyyyyy tender, the other... (10 replies)
Oct 2, 2007
... Oh I do not have to take loads of medicines (yet) but I just can picture how you ladies must feel! Especially with your pillbox Holly--I love it!! :D Hopeful, I'm keeping hopeful ;) for you during this 2ww!! You woul dtest next Wednesday or so, I believe? Sending you loads of sticky *****babydust***** (10 replies)

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