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... I am on day 6 of post IUI and can I say I am going nuts!!! I don't know what I am feeling a bit nauseas maybe dry mouth and definately have to pee a lot!! Oh and I am tired.. The only thing is these are also symptoms of anxiety!! LOL! ... (5 replies)
... One of the side effects of prometrium is feeling tired. I believe it could make your breasts tender as well. Maybe that is what you were experiencing? ... (6 replies)
After iui
Jan 5, 2010
... weeks pregnant and besides being tired I really had no symptoms at all until about a week or two ago. Now I'm wishing I had no symptoms because the constant feeling of sickness and tenders bbs is getting old! Lol. Best of luck tomorrow getting the results you want! ... (5 replies)

IUI today
May 17, 2007
... Joy, welcome to the boards. My 2ww has gone pretty good so far but know I'm beginning to get anxious. I have been feeling like AF cramps today, mild but makes me worry plus I have been super tired just wish I could sleep all day. ... (26 replies)
First IUI
Dec 15, 2002
... I know it is hard, and you think well I should be feeling something if it worked. ... (3 replies)
... what reason. I've had this problem for years, seen many urologists, tried every remedy under the sun, shower after sex, tried cranberry, tried vit. C, all kinds of herbs, etc...all that works is an antibiotic after sex. ... (3 replies)
... but I have a feeling she'll be here next Friday. I guess we'll see!! ... (66 replies)
... and he had me come in for a progest. blood draw to see if I actually ovulated on my own. Well, After going back to get the results he said I was indeed O'ing on my own so clomid would be of no help... So, NOW... ... (7 replies)
Aug 10, 2003
... Hi! I am sorry I haven't keep everyone posted, but I have had to work 12 hour shifts all week at work and have been to tired to post. I have checked in a few times to keep up on everyone else though. I am feeling okay a few pains every now and then. ... (18 replies)
... days after ovulation, but not every woman experiences the spotting. ... (5 replies)
... yrs. After 4 yrs. of dealing with an incompetent doc, we've gone to see a fertility specialist. ... (5 replies)
... work and i LOVE it. i know it will look bad on my next paycheck, but i just couldn't bear the thought of going in and dealing with all those little babies. i am feeling crabby, depressed, sad, weepy, tired and mean. i have a bad feeling that AF is on her way and that just pisses me off! WHOA!! ... (19 replies)
... That is great news! I hope you aren't trying long. I have a feeling my doc is going to try the same thing, clomid with IUI. That's what the plan was before the fibroid was found so I assume it's going to be that still. ... (9 replies)
... I did it last week after the appt. with my dr. I went in stressed and came out worse!!!!!!!! ... (156 replies)
I can't give it up
Jun 10, 2008
... all natural cycles from now on and I must admit I am losing hope. I apologize profusely for being so negative, and I don't want to get others down, but I am so tired of BFN month after month year after year. I want it NOW! I feel like I've been patient long enough, but it feels like God is saying "alittle longer". ... (8 replies)
Jul 5, 2007
... hey princess thanks for your support!! and leslie good luck, i hope you get a BFP so you dont have to go through infertility treatments such as iui and injections!!! anyway, anyone having any really early symptoms? ... (53 replies)
... just tired which could be because of the progesterone. ... (45 replies)
... her months. I don't know if that is an accurate indicator, but I thought I'd check anyway. I've been taking prometrium 200mg twice a day and boy those get me so tired an hour after I take them. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you all so much! I would've replied sooner but I've been a little busy ... and feeling a little sick. ... (44 replies)
Beta Positive!!
Oct 16, 2006
... I am new to the board but I did read your wish to look in your rearview mirror and see a carseat so I am very happy for you. I can only imagine what you must be feeling finally to see a BFP. Congrats and my blessings to you, your DH and your future bundle. ... (43 replies)

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