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... I just got my FET calendar faxed over from my NP. It has my FET delayed until March 6th!!! I broke down in tears of course and am at a complete loss for why it's an entire month delayed. ... (45 replies)
... Kari honey, am glad your post title should now be "got fet calendar - happy" lol. I know you must be in the moon with happiness now. I pray for a sticky bfp with this cycle. Wishing you all luck in advance. Lovely (45 replies)
... Thank you all SO much for your words of understanding. When I was on the phone with DH crying after I got the calendar I told him I was sorry that I was venting to him, but I had no one else to call. As soon as I said that I immediately thought to myself, well duh... ... (45 replies)

... Hey April! Well since you don't have beta I will be anxiously pestering you about when you are gonna HPT cause I am praying so hard that AF is NOT paying you a visit this month!!!! :) Thanks for the book recommendation, I'm sure I'll try it... I kinda wish I hadn't read Daisy first cause I'm not sure anything will live up to it. :cool: Mapia, after such a hard day or two... (45 replies)
... Kari, what a relief to hear there's been a positive outcome! I read the first post and my heart sank for you. I would have reacted in exactly the same way (in fact I did when I was told my cycle wouldn't be until April). At least we are both back on track now, and I won't be surprised if we have ET/FET the same day. I'm so glad it's all ok now. Lizzie (45 replies)
... What a relief! I'm so glad that your nurse managed to bring your FET forward to Feb again. A month feels like eternity when waiting for a BFP so it really would have been cruel to make you wait. ... (45 replies)
... Goodluck to you and your DH and I will be keeping an eye on your next post when you will be having the FET this february. ... (45 replies)
... D I'm SO HAPPY that your fet has been moved up to Feb 7th. That not far away!! can you believe that next Tuesday we'll be in the middle of January? ... (45 replies)
... thing doesn't sit right, speak up. i know it is hard, but you are paying a lot of money for accurate and professional services and you deserve it. I am sure this FET will be it for you and then all this IF stress will be a thing of the past! Good luck! ... (45 replies)
... Hi Kari, When will these RE offices stop putting us through extra strain and stress?? Sheesh!! Well, I'm glad to see that everything has been worked out & you are scheduled for your Feb FET. I just know it's going to work this time. Your DH was so great calling for you. I could never get BF to call for me. Well, maybe if I cried...;) LOL Hope you're having a good day... (45 replies)
Frozen transfer
Feb 14, 2007
... After reading your message asprousey I was curious if I was going to start a period. So I called FET nurse and asked he if I was going to have one. She told me you may or may not. I am kinda upset at my FET nurse. ... (84 replies)
... We officially decided to cancel this IVf and have decided to do the FET. I had to do the trigger shot anyway last night and i will start the GIANT prog shots tomorrow night! My transfer is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I am already looking at the calendar to plan the NEXT IVF cycle (hopefully by April) because I don't want to get my hopes up for this frozen cycle. I know... (19 replies)
FET - Take Two!
Jan 12, 2008
... So my last thread was getting long, (and the title was out of date since I am now happy with my new calendar ;)), so I thought I'd start a new one! Praying4us, Yes I'm ~ five weeks away from beta and my Good News!!! :D I will def keep you posted! As for your upcoming cycle, try not to be nervous.... I know it's hard, but there is a greater chance that things will progress... (79 replies)
... Hi Kari, So, you start the lupron injections today, right? I am so excited that you're starting a new cycle. 2008 seems to be starting out very positively, so I think it's going to continue that way!! You are right - it will be so cool if we can all follow after each other with one BFP after another!!! I'm glad you're keeping busy -- all of this waiting is... (45 replies)
... Todays the day....yipee:bouncing: Time is just flying by, if I am not mistaken that would put you at CD 21, so 5 weeks til the good news:) I want to hear every detail of every step. I am so excited:D I am doing good. Getting a little nervous and excited. I want my u/s to go good next week so we can move forward, but I am so nervous that I will have polyps, which of... (45 replies)
... Hi Kari, Like Char, I've felt like I've been neglecting you lately too, and I'm sorry. I cannot believe you are starting lupron again already!! That is just fabulous!!! :):) So the transfer will be here before we know it! Praying for a 5 day transfer, just like you want. Sending you healthy embie vibes & thick lining dust so you can stock up early. ;) Love & luck to... (45 replies)
... Hi Kari I just wanted to pop in and see how you are doing, I climbed into bed last night and felt so guilty for not posting for you yesterday. I did not mean to neglect you. How is you cycle going? you are going to start injecting today? right? I am praying that this is your cycle, your frozen embies are waiting for you:angel:. I hope that you have awonderful day Char (45 replies)
... Kari I just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing today. I saw your story on another thread (I think Mapia's?) Your mother is watching over you,and she will always watch over you until it is your time to be with her again. I knwo that you are on your way to that BFP, dearest. I'm so hopeful for you dearest. You will be a mother, and you will have that big happy... (45 replies)
... Hi Kari, How are you today? I'm happy you had a good day yesterday, that's great that you got to see your friend and that talking to her is helpful. Wow, I didn't realize you had to lay down afterwards with a full bladder -- the catheter sounds like a good idea!!! I got a kick out of what you said from the book that you read... how the IF drugs are... (45 replies)
... Hi Kari! I was just catching up on your thread. I remember after transfer i had to lay down for about 30-40 minutes and i really thought i was going to pee my pants. i used to talk to DH and read magazines to distract myself from my bursting bladder. so if your RE can use the catheter to drain your bladder and that helps you to relax and lay still, then go for it! I am... (45 replies)

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