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... Mine was 20x21mm today. That was a little bigger than last month. I am not really sure what a good size is, but that sounds like it is awfully big. Hope you have good news! ... (6 replies)
... hi..i have pco and had taken pills, then i was on clomid this month. last night i went to see my obgyn and had ultrasound. seems like i still have pco on my left ovary but on the right there is a huge follicle of 32mm. is that a good size? coz the doc had a slight fear that it might be a cyst or hopefully it is just hyperovulaion due to the clomid (i was on 100mg for 5 days). (6 replies)
... Philly I am so sorry you are having such a time of it lately. Your follies are a really great size and sounds like they are ready to ovulate on their own without the trigger shot. ... (34 replies)

... t it definately is. Now that I have been on clomid my progesterone is reading in the mid 20's and I have an ultra sound done monthly on CD 13 for me to check my folicle size and clomid has worked wonders as far as that is concerned. ... (2 replies)
Good folicle size?
Mar 13, 2005
... i really hope it doesnt hurt....i had a hystersalpingo/hidrotubation earlier this month...and that REALLY REALLY hurt!!! and i bled a lot afterwards, is IUI anything like that? i really hope not :( so how r u doing after 2 IUIs? any progress? what r u diagnosed of? im also diagnosed of having antisperm antibody by another doctor (ive been to 6 different obgyns) and th... (6 replies)
Good folicle size?
Mar 11, 2005
... Hi there! I have had 2 iui procedures and neither was painful. Every month when we ovulate, our cervix opens up a bit and they insert a speculum into this opening. Sometimes they have to increase the opening a bit and that may cause a quick cramp - nothing major. On my first one, it was over before i knew we had even begun. Some women have cramping the day they had it. I had... (6 replies)
Good folicle size?
Mar 10, 2005
... thanx for the replies, healthseeker :D i really appreciate it. i think im getting my period for sure, the cramping is getting stronger, u know, pms thingy. my AF is due next friday, so...well... anyways.....i was wondering, does IUI procedure hurt at all? how is it done? my doc hasnt talked about it yet, but sometimes i wonder maybe i have to go that far. tomorrow im... (6 replies)
Good folicle size?
Mar 10, 2005
... Your spotting doesn't neccesarily mean that your period is here. It could could be a couple of other things, you know... 1) a lot of women have ovulation spotting. I have experienced that many well with cramping during it. 2) it could have been implantation bleeding..although it is a little is possible So, don't get sad yet! You are not out of... (6 replies)
Good folicle size?
Mar 10, 2005
... well, we ttc last friday just like the doc told us to, but the next 3 days we went on a vacation with long walks n pretty exhausting (we planned it long time ago before the news from the doctor). i found pink spots on the next 2 days after we ttc-ed, and now i feel like im getting my period :( my period is due next friday (not this week). when ur pregnant u dont feel that pms... (6 replies)
Third round IUI...
Jan 24, 2008
... Best of luck! That is a good size folicle! May your 2ww go FAST!! ... (10 replies)
... I have a question for you guys do you think a folicle at 3.0 will hold a bigger egg than one at 1.6? ... (13 replies)
IUI Success???
Sep 11, 2005
... On my last ultra sound my doctor told me that it looks as if one of my ovaries is small. I only had one folicle that was the right size for producing an egg. How may folicles should a normal woman have during ovulation? ... (6 replies)

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