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November IVF?
Nov 8, 2009
... Looks like I'm with you. I'm new to this board. I started my stim meds 2 nights ago. Scheduled tentatively for retrieval on 11/17 and transfer on 11/20. I'm on an antaganist protocol with Follistim & Menopur. I'm "old" so they are hoping to get 10 eggs to retrieve. Very anxious - it's our first IVF. (98 replies)
... Well I began using Follistim on Tuesday this week and today I started spotting, we are stimulating for this normal? ... (9 replies)
... pretty neat. The follistim pen is cool the way you dial up the dose. And then mixed them all up in 1 cc of saline. ... (77 replies)

Summer IVF Girls
Jul 24, 2007
... Lupron in just 1 week!! Holy cow!! I know keep saying it, but time is really flying!! Before you know it, you'll be back in the swing of things, and your bfp will be just around the corner. I'm so excited for you!! ... (525 replies)
IVF girls
Feb 25, 2007
... So, I'm basically ready to get my IVF cycle going, I'm just waiting for AF to come in March. I should be done with the transfer by the end of March. ... (227 replies)
... Usually follistim and other follicle-stimulating hormone injections are used in combination with either IUI (intra-uterine insemination) or IVF. The goal of clomid is to induce ovulation in women who aren't ovulating, but not necessarily to produce multiple follicles; the goal of FSH injections is to produce multiple follicles that will, in turn, produce multiple eggs. That's... (35 replies)
Mar 6, 2006
... I'm actually starting IVF right now. I've only done the BCP so far and will start Lupron injections Friday if everything's going all right. That is, if my hormones have been supressed and there is no activity. ... (14 replies)
... My question is does anyone out there have any experience with these combined fertility drugs and if so, have you acheieved a successful pregnancy? ... (13 replies)
... and so I was not stimulated this time but during my fresh IVF cycle during the summer. ... (7 replies)
... Kari, yes, my appt is tomorrow morning, and they should tell me at that appt. ... (29 replies)
Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 13, 2007
... Im doing Menopur 75 in the morning and 200 follistim in the evening. Thats what I did each day since Monday. ... (183 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jul 21, 2007
... I am new, just signed up today after surfing the net about IVF. My husband and I have been trying for over 2 years and I was waiting to switch to his Insurance to off set the costs of IVF. I am 37 and am scared and excited at the same time, it's crazy. ... (525 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 28, 2007
... CBB, I was just thinking about you the other day and regret that I didn't drop you a line. It is really good to hear from you though!! So sorry to hear about your mom. ... (525 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 21, 2007
... Some of you were questioning the time of day to stim. My dr had me do lupron in the morning, and I did stims twice a day. ... (525 replies)
... What you are feeling is totally normal, let me assure you of that right away! IVF is probably one of the most challenging obstacles you are going to face in your life, but I know you can do it!!!! ... (343 replies)
IVF girls
Mar 1, 2007
... Cmarie! Great news about AF. now you are on the right track and can get moving with this IVF stuff. I hope you can do Follistim tomorrow as planned. ... (227 replies)
... I just looked at my calendar and it said that I will begin follistim on the 2nd of September. ... (212 replies)
... and the pregnyl injection would either take place that same day or the next day and then the ER happens the next day after that shot. Are you also taking 1 tablet of baby aspirin a day? ... (212 replies)
... injections next month if I don't get preganant. We will do 3 cycles with IUI and then we will go to IVF. ... (4 replies)
... Like I said, my body always o'd early on the drugs and tha is why I will have to use lupron too. ... (23 replies)

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