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... WElcome Cynder001! Good luck! I don't really like Lupron, but it's what we have to do! I started my stims on Sat! :bouncing::bouncing::bouncing: 150 units of Menopur /75units of Follistim in the Am and 150units of Follistim / 75 units of Menopur in the PM. Boy, does the PM shot burn! 1cc of liquid. I think I may start icing. Please keep all your fingers crossed for... (39 replies)
... s today. Seems again as if I am going to be a low responder so the doc upped my dose of Follistim to 450. I had some follicles in both ovaries but the biggest was only 9mm. ... (80 replies)
Fresh IVF cycle
Aug 27, 2009
... I don't know if I am an expert in the IVF world. I am on my 2nd round of fresh IVF, and the first round resulted in BPN. ... (124 replies)

IVF Meds
Jan 29, 2008
... Hey Praying, I had not heard of that, but it def applies to me since we pay out of pocket. And I did use Freedom pharmacy (they've been great all around) but like April, my first IVF try was with Gonal-F and my second with Follistim. BTW, April, I think these two stims are very similar. They are both FSH dominant stims (as opposed to Repronex which is equal parts FSH... (8 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jul 21, 2007
... sharp needles and didn't burn me at all. I hope your stims go really good this time around, esp if it the follistim that you have to use again! ... (525 replies)
... I just recieved my giant package in the mail with all of my ivf drugs. I was reading the follistim information and it says do not take if you have thyroid problems. I'm wondering if my doctor saw that I had thyroid problems in my files. ... (3 replies)
... with follistim and hcg trigger shot. ... (4 replies)
... I'm not so sure if it is all that different between an IUI and IVF and I'm not familiar with IUI but during my IVF cycle, I was on Follistim about 10 days and then triggered with HCG on day 12 I think. But like Cmarie said, everyone responds differently. You may need more or less time. ... (11 replies)
... Well, I am assuming the 8 days are probably the few days before your retrieval, the retrieval itself, and then the transfer a few days later (3-5). He will need to be there on the day of retrieval. It sounds odd that they only said 8 days...I think it would be more. I have not or won't be going out of state but I will tell you that so far I have had 7 visits in my IVF... (8 replies)
... follistim. When I go back, I will either go straight to IVF or do one more IUI with increasing the follistim and adding in lupron. That is when the time comes...I am not ready. There are 3 things that are telling me not yet. ... (23 replies)
... F and Repronex. They are putting me on Follistim for stim, Antigon for ovulation suppressant, and then progesterone shots for the lining. Do you know the difference between the meds? ... (85 replies)
... again i have too many of them even measured 18, 16,11, 10 etc...took blood test for estradiol. They finally started me with Ganirlex, meopur and follistim reduced to 75. ... (27 replies)
... I do have the Follistim pen. I can't imagine getting two injections in one day...they have just started me with one injecton a day of 225 Follistim. I am taking it at 7 pm everyday... ... (27 replies)
... I am sorry that I did not respond earlier to your request for a stimming buddy. I have been stimming, but have had a horrible week. I was on follistim and my estrogen went up way too high very quickly. So, I felt horrible physically and emotionally. I started stimming the friday before you did, I think. ... (45 replies)
Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 13, 2007
... I don't mix follistim and repronex in one shot. ... (183 replies)
Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 13, 2007
... Hey Luba, I just responded to you in Mady's thread, but it sounds like you mix the repronex and follistim in one shot, right? ... (183 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jul 23, 2007
... s is on wednesday. Something funny happened this evening when I had my follistim injection. I have a 600iu vail and I have taken two days of 225 for a total of 450 remaining 150 in the vail. ... (525 replies)
Follistim Q
Apr 10, 2007
... I did four cycles of follistim with IUI and I started at 75 units. I did have a few days where they put me up to 100 units. ... (5 replies)
... g the cycle. All I have to say is, it is in God hands. And remarkably I am kind of relaxed about the whole thing believe it or not. So Saturday I am starting the Follistim and Repronex. ... (212 replies)
... Okay, so I've been on follistim for 4 days now for IVF and feeling a little emotional. ... (0 replies)

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