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Apr 8, 2004
... good morning! :wave: Wow, I missed you two! Happy Birthday again Nici! That story is INSANE! 16 floors?!?! I mean, I know exercise is sorta supposed to be good for us, but sheesh! If there is another blackout here in the northeast I am not going anywhere - I work on the 16th and live on the 18th! I am sorry that you did not get your room - what happened? At least... (230 replies)
Dec 22, 2003
... and he told the doctor he was giving me injections. When she asked what the shots are, he almost said "albacore in oil"! I can't imagine what she would have said! ... (8 replies)
... I hope your ER went well citygrl too. How are the progesterone shots coming. When will ET be? ... (104 replies)

... Good luck to you! I went thru my frozen cycle with transer on Oct. 3rd. Got pregnancy test today, and it's positive! My HCG is 199. I wish you all the luck in the world! I noticed you say you have to do Lupron. ... (9 replies)
... NAME: Autmun AGE: 32 LOCATION: Louisiana TTC: 5 years TRIED: Clomid+IUI, IUI+Injectables, Injectables+IVF#1. RESULTS: After IVF#1 - positive blood test (hcg=49), then subsequent tests every other day for 1 week revealed we were having a chemical pregnancy (ie, embryo implanted, but lost the baby at almost 5 weeks). (75 replies)
... My first round of IVF resulted in a + pregnancy test on Monday (blood test=49 hcg and hpt had very very faint line). Then blood test on Wednesday was 39, then on Friday it was 15. On Friday, my RE instructed me to stop the progesterone in oil shots. The following Monday (ie 3 days later) I started AF (on my B-Day). I was informed on Friday that it was a "chemical pregnancy"... (7 replies)
... GYN never looked for. When the clomid didn't work, I was put on 2 shots of Follistim and conceived twins. ... (2 replies)
... llama, I'm not familiar with the back of the arm - the places I was told for SC was the belly and the upper thigh and for the IM the thigh or but*. I can do the SC in my belly just fine - I use follistim which stings at higher does - but other than that no problem. My DH does my HCG trigger shots IM in the 'rear' and I can't even feel it - it's a little sore the day after... (9 replies)
... GOOOD LUCK ON HCG AND IUI! AND 2 WEEEKS FOR YOU TOOO! You girls gunna have me sweating! ... (5 replies)
Severe Endo & IVF
Jun 28, 2003
... Smaula I'm had my 2nd lap in Sept. Do you know what shots your RE will be using for your IVF? ... (8 replies)
IUI on Monday!!
Jun 13, 2003
... Okay..I am doing IUI on Monday!! I am sooo nervous I am going to mess up on my shots...I have a question about the HCG ("trigger" shot- I am taking Ovidrel)..what is the timing for this? My doctor told me to do the shot at 8:30pm on Saturday, then IUI on Monday at 7:30am. It seems like a long time between the shot and the IUI...Maybe it is just me being paranoid. Any... (2 replies)
May 23, 2003
... Yeah!! No more shots!!! And great HCG #'s!!! Congrats!!! Hopefully the next 9 months will be a breeze!!! PS Make sure to use panty liners with the suppositories- they are really messy. (13 replies)
... Hopefully they will take me off of those freakin IM prog shots soon! My hips are really sore now! They're supposed to let me know this afternoon. ... (40 replies)
... I started Gonal F injections on the next cycle day 2. So I was taking 3 injections a day for the next 9 days. It seemed longer than that! Then got the HCG shot. They retrieved 9 eggs. Only 4 fertilized. All four were 8 cell embryos. My RE wanted to transfer only 3, but what was I going to do with the 4th? ... (40 replies)
... D...I like the way ya get to do 2 IUIs..extra security if ya ask me...Ya gunna miss them shots tonight? ... (20 replies)
... HI Sunny! That's exciting! Those twinges are from those little babahs burrowing in that lining! Those progesterone shots are paying off! You're in my prayers! ... (4 replies)
... Any other questions let me know. Just trying to get geared up to start those shots next week. I doubt you will need Heparin, as I said it only if you have the blood clotting thing. ... (12 replies)
... ey also should be taking blood to monitor your LH levels which would tell him when you are close to O'ing on your own. My LH did get high a few times and I took shots of Antagon to keep my body from O'ing naturally and then when my follicles were ready I took the HCG shot of Pregnyl to ovulate. ... (20 replies)
... I just took the HCG shot. I cried for 5 minutes before the shot because I was so scared. It didn't hurt! It did sting afterwards. I guess it was the medicine. I am so excited. ... (8 replies)

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