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... Hi! I live in the USA and my doc gave me info on a pharmacy in Europe that they use. Here in America the price would have been $50 per bottle for the HMG, but I got them for $12.50!! I was skeptical because of the huge discount, but that is the pharmacy my doctor used. I don't think I'm allowed to say what it is, or I'll get booted off, but if you check with your RE, they... (5 replies)
... Cherie, frist I must say I knwo nothing of HCG shots :angel: But, Kia, ma cherie, I want to stop you from taking the test, not because in case you see BFN. Becuase if you see BFN, then at least you can be prepared for a BFN beta, or even a surprise BFP. My concern is that you get a false positive and find out it's really a BFN. All I can say, cherie, that if you can keep your... (10 replies)
Timeline of Events
Apr 16, 2007
... S and we find out on the 27th if this last one was successful. They've also done a couple of ultrasounds to check my lining and ovulation and they've given me 2 HCG shots. DH'S samples have been stupendous the past 2 times, so I guess our IF would be unexplained. ... (15 replies)

... Susan, I have no sickness,af is a no show for the min,sore/tender breasts & nipples twinge in my lower stomache every so often slight lower back pain Im getting the best nights sleep ive had in ages tho!:) During my treatment i did puregon injectons and i suppose they may cause a false result,just trying to decide if its worth a go or to wait, what do you think? x (8 replies)
... so I heard that day 4 post would be good. I didnt have any hcg shots and the nurse said if I got any BFP then it was probably for real. As far as symptoms, my breasts hurt and are much bigger but can come with the meds as well. ... (8 replies)
... and this time is a frozen transfer. I am carrying for a friend of mine as I did before. I have 3 kids ages 9, 7 and 5. No hcg shots for me so I am excited to test! With my last transfer they were 3 days and I got a BFP at day 8. ... (11 replies)
... you all for your thoughts and prayers! I appreciate it, and I am glad to have you guys to talk to! So, now just waiting for AF...just stopped the progesterone shots yesterday.... ... (30 replies)
... Hey ya'll! Has anyone had trouble getting thier hubbies to get the SA done? DH is INCREDIBLY MODEST! He won't even talk about it. He just keeps saying..."no pressure, I'll get it done. You won't even know that I went". He is truely embarrassed. But, everytime I go to the RE, the doc asks if the SA in done (knowing full well it isn't). I am on Clomid and getting HCG... (4 replies)
Clomid Newbie
Jan 10, 2006
... I had headaches, severe moodiness, and hot flashes like crazy, especially at night. Also had breast tenderness, but that could have been from the HCG shots. After 3 cycles of Clomid, I took Repronex and had NO side effects from it. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks. Doctor thinks I have LPD and that clomid should work. We're still waiting to send in the semen analysis. Very difficult for DH because of work schedule. The lab is only open certain hours and takes 20 minutes to get there. We're hoping to send in the sample soon. Thanks for the suggestions. Amy (6 replies)
... Did they try anything else like hcg shots or anything? ... (14 replies)
... So four years went by and we were like 'hmm something must be up'. My dh went in and got tested and he was fine so I started doing clomid and hcg shots each month, along with an ultrasound to see if I was responding to the clomid. ... (56 replies)
... I have had 2 HCG shots to induce ovulation and didnt feel anything with either one. ... (3 replies)
... He prescribed me Prametrium to give me some luteal support cause last time on the shots AF came 2 days early for me. ... (3 replies)
... well when i started it was just cause it took a good year to get pregnant so i decided to ask my ob. well first he decided cause i wasn't ovulation so let's give you cholmid... okay but i have bad cramps sir... well take this chlomid and have BMS on the appropriate days... okay 5 mos. later. nothing... well lets take the chlomid and add HCG shots (at 600$ each shot) 3x a... (10 replies)
... From all the articles that I have read about HCG shots, they all say it takes about ten days to get ouy of your system. I would probably take it as a positive but I would still get a bloodtest to be sure. ... (6 replies)
... I am especially interested in hearing how you guys feel after your HCG shots. Last month I had 8 follies and it really felt like volcanic activity in there. ... (27 replies)
... cenarios they might cover ultrasounds. Ask about each medicine independently. I finally got my insurance to pay for all blood test, ultrasounds, spermwash, and hCG shots. I have to pay for other fertility meds and the actual IUI. ... (7 replies)
... Hello - I have had numerous HCG shots and never had a metallic taste that I can remember - lets hope it is a pg symptom :) If it doesn't go away I would ask the doc about it. Taz (4 replies)
Jun 1, 2003
... clomid, HCG shots, I'm sure you all know the deal. During all of this I had three miscarriages. ... (18 replies)

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