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Apr 16, 2009
... how to increase follicles (0 replies)
... How to increase the number of follicles (0 replies)
... My ultrasound went well on Friday but I need my follicles to increase in size so dr put me on two more days of repronex injections. And he said my estrogen level at 287 was really good. ... (16 replies)

... I am wondering if I don't get pregnant if I should ask my doctor to increase the meds... 31 years old and counting... ... (7 replies)
How do you do it?
Jan 29, 2007
... The first 4 tries were natural no drugs.RE dident want to increase my chance of twins seeing that I was fertile.Anyway now this is my first month that I used clomid.I had 3 good follicles to use for iui last week. ... (19 replies)
... it's just a brand name I guess. I have been trying to do a little reading about it, but not a lot of info. I don't think it's going to increase my chances of multiples. The doc told me that the dominate foli on the left ovary will release and the folli's on the right will disolve or something. ... (21 replies)
... They should all be monitored with ultrasounds while taken to keep track of how well your follicles are growing and how many you have. ... (14 replies)
... Hi Hoppie! How are you doing? ... (75 replies)
... w and they said I have one follicle at 10mm. I have to go back fri to see where were at. I just wonder why its so small shouldn't the clomid make them bigger than that by this time in my cycle? ... (4 replies)
... Wow! Thank you so much for your input. There was a lot of info in your post and we seem to be going through the same thing! ... (26 replies)
... but I guess since I was stopping at 5 he didn't feel the need to mention it. ... (14 replies)
... to suppress thyroid stimulating hormone to reduce my risk of recurrent papillary thyroid cancer. How does this affect my fertility? ... (3 replies)
... se after the IUI. I was not told anything about that, and thought maybe after the IUI leaving the "swimmers" alone was better. I just read that it is advisable to have intercourse the same day of the IUI to increase chances. Again, something that is decreasing my possibilities. ... (4 replies)
... Nice to know there are a couple others on similar timelines! Littlebo, I do give myself all the shots. ... (11 replies)
... that she would begin looking into fertility problems. Also, after this last time that I didn't get pregnant, I was upset and decided that I wanted to know if something is wrong now and not wait any longer. ... (13 replies)
... Sounds to me like he was being TOO conservative. Generally if you dont respond well after a few days, they'll increase your dose. I'm surprised he didnt. ... (14 replies)
Cysts on ovaries
May 21, 2003
... and by decreasing the serum sex hormone binding globulin concentration. The high levels of androgenic hormones interfere with the pituitary ovarian axis, leading to increased LH levels, anovulation, amenorrhea, and infertility. ... (9 replies)
... I am sorry that you are worried and that you didn't have as many follies as you would have liked to have seen. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Im not sure how many of you do monitored cycles but this month I am doing one and have a few questions, as usual... ... (10 replies)
Jul 14, 2003
... uced any eggs at all. The day I started my meds my fsh was 10. I did 8 amps of gonal f and 2 amps of pergonal. The more I read about fertility drugs these 2 seem to have the most success. The retrieval was nothing!! The sedate you and 15 minutes later it is over. I was a little crampy but didn't even take any advil. ... (21 replies)

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