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... Girls I gave in and HPT this morning and it was BFN......but I am not taking any notice of the test because I have had unreliable results before. ... (44 replies)
... :angel:I think I had a little embaby implant on Monday!! I had pretty severe cramping that day, into the night and a bit the next morning. I also had a bit of brown spotting the next day after that. So, my question is...if it was infact implantation, how long after that is there enough HCG to pick up on an HPT? I'm wondering when I can safely test without it being too early? I... (7 replies)
... Sounds like it could be implantation bleeding since there was nothing after this morning! I know the struggle to HPT or not to HPT is such a tough one. I really am hoping that this is it for you, regardless of what you decide to do. I will be thinking of you nonstop these next couple days! ... (44 replies)

... so maybe I will hold out till my beta numbers and if it is BFP then I will HPT so I can see the two lines for myself.......I know I sound crazy. ... (44 replies)
... Km I thought the same thing about not until the embie implants re hcg, but I just typed the instructions as per the box. DH and I have just had big discussion about what I meant and what I actually typed!!!:D I've confused myself. Bottom line is conception is before implantation. I read that the hcg level increases after implantation. The test says it can give a... (7 replies)
... ere KM I am really pulling for you.I just dont know when a good time would be to test.If you recall I got a BFP on Monday beta numbers in the 400's and then took HPT that night and was BFN.So then I went in for another beta on Weds and my number was 948.So you see sometimes those things are just so wrong. ... (7 replies)
... Oh Char, you have got the perfect attitude going on! Those HPT's are totally unreliable. Look at me and Bee's! We both ended up getting positive Beta's after neg HPT's and you my friend, well you HPT'd on CD 24!!!! That is definitely so early. I feel like the symptoms are promising and I can not wait to hear about the beta results! Good luck!!! (44 replies)
... you might be and it could have been implantation..did you take another test? (2 replies)
... Asuming that this is brownish blood, old blood, this could be implantation bleeding. ... (6 replies)
... We tried to work out exactly the same thing km. Not sure what DPO you are but we did day 10 and got a BFN, but DH made sure I remembered that it could just be too early. I used Pregnosis. Virgin user for this brand ;), you put the stick through a foam disc which floats on top of your pee in the container. Kinda like sailing a homemade boat! Anyway, the packet said can... (7 replies)
... I just read online: 3-4 days for it to show up on blood test, but 5-6 days for urine. Tomorrow will be day 5 past possible implantation. I was going to try to wait until Sunday, which will be 6 days, which is also about 4 days before AF is to show. They say those early tests can show up to 5 days before (which would be tomorrow) and Im wondering if that's meant for those that... (7 replies)
... Charlene, good luck tomorrow to your Beta test. I too think that it is implantation bleeding, its too early to be anything else. Your numbers must be still pretty low if HPT didnt pick it, but blood test will confirm your BFP tomorrow. ... (44 replies)
... Oh Char, I just have to say, it really does sound like implantation bleeding. I'm really excited for you!! I know it's tough decision abotu hpt. ... (44 replies)
... busy today it is just nice to sit with my feet up now and relax. I am also going to climb into bed early tonight and get a good nights rest. I really hope it was implantation bleeding, I cannot think what else it could be........Keep fingers crossed. ... (44 replies)
... Hi Char I too hope it was implantation bleeding and wish you all the best for Fri's B/W and for Thurs if you decide to HPT. Cant wait to see you posting your BFP. Sticky Babydust. Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (44 replies)
... I would definately recommend doing a HPT when you can, or getting tested at your obgyn. Could very likely be implantation bleeding. Good luck! ... (2 replies)
... a Friday. I had some very slight spotting that following Tuesday evening. It was only when I wiped and lasted for about 2 hours. I assume that must have been implantation bleeding, but it's later than I thought it would be. ... (6 replies)
... I took a HPT yesterday and it was BFN. I had some brown spotting yesterday and assumed AF was on her way and would definitely be full flow by today. ... (1 replies)
... hey maxtech unfortunatly there are no real symptoms of implantation :( bc so many symptoms can also be from af, the medication, and us "looking" for any symptoms, darn hormones are playin tricks on our minds~~ a lot of women have said they felt pulling cramps/twinges and got a bfp, so dont be concerned from the cramps, u can never know until u get a bfp... well u said u r... (4 replies)
... Hello, I think the HCG level has to be at least 50 to detect on a HPT. That being said, a beta HCG can detect much lesser degrees of HCG. I know that the box and commercials would lead you to believe that it can detect 4 days prior to your missed period. But, I know that oftentimes, our levels may not be that high yet to detect so you could get a false negative. ... (7 replies)

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