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... what is the difference between infertiltiy treament which is covered and "artificial means of conception" which is not covered? ... (5 replies)
Iui - aggghh!!!!!
Jun 20, 2003
... The twinges after an hcg shot or infertiltiy medicine are normal. I think it's the ovaries dealing with the extra follies produced. Normally, they only have one to deal with. ... (4 replies)
... IVF as long as we simultaneously pursued adoption. So, since he came half way, I met him there, and then I ordered the book. It was recommended by the America Infertiltiy Association. ... (4 replies)

My 1st appointment
Mar 27, 2003
... I'm sorry to hear that you have PCO. I have it also. However, there are much worse causes of infertiltiy as JodyC mentioned. Usually, women with PCO respond better to infertiltiy meds and our egg quality is usually good. It's also good that you are ovulating. ... (5 replies)
... Interesting that you brought up HMOs. I live in Ohio and Ohio Revised Code says that HMOs must pay for infertiltiy coverage. But, the same code does not say anything about other types of insurance coverage. ... (4 replies)
... days. Once I get my AF I too will start Menapur and IUI. So we will have each other on that cycle. I am 41 and my DH is 36 with great sperm counts! So this infertiltiy thing is all me and my age! I do have a DD who is 2 and she came about naturally which is a surprise now since I have been struggling the last year! ... (14 replies)
... You should do whatever you are most comfortable with. An IVF cycle is much more costly and draining but the odds are much greater. My husband and I have good insurance so we went straight to IVF after one round of IUI. IVF has better odds so if you are worried about time maybe that is best for you. (3 replies)
... I saw the Dr today and found out I have low antral follicle counts. My left ovary has 3 and my right has 1. I did the 3 day blood test on CD 5 and my FSH was 4.69 and Estradiol was 65.1, which the assistant said was in the ideal range. The Dr's suggestion was doing 2 rounds of IUI with clomid and then move on to IVF. But we're strongly thinking of going straight to IVF. We... (3 replies)
... IVF can greatly help your problems. With IVF they get all of your eggs out after stimulating you and then only put back in the strongest, best quality of eggs. This should definently help at minimal with your issues of miscarriage and conceiving. Best of luck on your future progress of becoming a mommy part 2 :) (3 replies)
... I'm going to see the infertility specialist next week. I suspect I have age related egg quality issue. Is IVF the best option if this is the case? Would clomid or injectibles improve egg quality? Anyone have suggestions of questions I should as the Dr? Here's my story: We've been trying for #2 since May 08. I'm 36 (almost 37), DH is 39. Our DD is almost 3 and was... (3 replies)
... Hi! Congrats on beating cancer! Also congrats on your daughter. I'm just wondering about the whole oncologist comment. By looking at my lab results do you, someone who has had cancer, feel that I may have some type of more serious problem then infertiltiy? It is day 31 for me and still no sign of LH surge or AF. Last night it seemed as if my CM was stretchy but it... (6 replies)
I need support
Dec 17, 2007
... I'm so happy to find this message board. I've been dealing with infertiltiy beacuse of PCOS for three and a half years. I started to see the RE in October after three years with my obgyn. ... (12 replies)
... ared of triplets, but i was more scared that i wouldnt get pregnant. anyway, we all get angry sometimes. i get angry at the world and everyone in it, and i blame infertiltiy for my hostility, so your feeligns are normal!! ... (135 replies)
... Being from a small town - Surrogacy and IVF are so Expensive - and I have such a hard time telling my self it's okay to go into debt for a baby- as I want to be able to give a child everything. And I wouldn't be able to do that if I had to pay off the debt for 5+ years. My cervix is held by two cerclauses and I know I'd be hich risk. I've been told IVF Dr's won't touch me... (8 replies)
... Hi Kathy, Sounds like you had rough for a couple of days and finally got some good news. Sending you lots of baby dusts. Also please correct me I'm wrong, or if I'm being to nosey, but is it your DH also that has a low sperm count ?? I'm asking because that was one of my problems, so I asked my RE what extra we can do, other than no hot baths, no smoking, loose fitting... (61 replies)
... IUI but there is no dr. who can draw my blood or give me a shot that I dont say, I dont care about the pain. It's nothing compared to the infertiltiy shots.! ... (30 replies)
... Most likely cause of the infertiltiy for us is male factor. Can anyone tell me how to improve sperm quality? ... (10 replies)
... I have hypo- I thought it said hypo, but I have been hyper due to to much thyroid hormone as well but we corrected that. I am on my third clomid cycle right now. I have been ovulating on the clomid and everything seems fine but the last two times nothing happened so we will see if it works this time. I hope that your IUI worked!!!! (3 replies)
... I talked to my endocrinologist and he said that since my hyperthyroidism is because we use excessive thryroid hormone replacement (to reduce my risk of cancer recurrence) that it behaves differently than if I had and overactive thryroid gland due to Graves or other forms. Apparently, the increased miscarriage risk doesn't come from the high levels of thryroid hormone, but... (3 replies)
... I also have hypothyroidism and PCOS. I have been trying to get pregnant for two years. The first year my thyroid disease was not diagnosed yet then about 6 months after I found out about that i was diagnosed with PCOS. What have your doctors told you about getting pregnant with the thyroid disease. I am worried because i have both conditions and I am worried that when I do... (3 replies)

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