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Cramping after IUI
Jan 28, 2007
... Hi Blue u know I had the same concern do the follicles grow after u trigger?What happens to the little ones in there.I have to ask my re that question.As for the cramping it seems odd to me that u guys cramp I am totally fine after mine knock on wood, and I just did #5 this past week.So Blue are u on a cycle?It cant be the sperm causing the cramps cause they wash it for that... (8 replies)
... and I feel AWFUL. I'm not feeling so positive today for a round 3 if this one didn't work. I've had cramping off and on, which I know some of it is normal from the IUI and hyperstimulation of my ovaries for it. ... (13 replies)
... am now it's 11 at night and i've been having cramping on the left side where the two follicles were and it's been going on since around 7pm. It's the same pain but not as sharp when i ov last time and got pg. How were you after you had your IUI and start to ov? ... (19 replies)

... My cramping has stopped and I still don't have a fever. I've been reading alot today and it sounds like cramping isn't that uncommon following an IUI and isn't necessarily a good or bad sign and typically isn't an indication of pg. ... (4 replies)
IUI tomorrow!
Mar 17, 2008
... I hope that you are feeling well and that the 2ww goes by smoothly for you. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust, and am really hoping that this cycle is it!!! ... (23 replies)
... Kia- Was the sperm count higher than normal? I had an IUI where the sperm count was like 25mil( our normal sperm count was between 7-15mil) and had really bad cramps after wards. I called RE and he said it was fine it was probably because of the count (4 replies)
... Good luck with this IUI, I really hope this is the one!!!!!! And welcome to your TWW!!! ... (4 replies)
... hi, I had the IUI this morning and the doctor was very gentle, didn`t hurt at all during or right after. But in the afternoon I started to have cramps. it is worse when I walk or stand and in bed if I find a certain position i don`t feel a thing. Maybe it's a good sign! ...I took tylenol, but doesn`t help much. Jenny, how are you doing, is it getting better? Ivana (8 replies)
... But I never really get much cramping.I dont know I guess every RE is different and has their own methods. ... (18 replies)
... with cramping off and on. The nurse assured me that it's just from the hyperstim of ovaries. ... (11 replies)
... We've only gotten this far one other time. It was with 3 follies and an unsuccessful IUI. I really want to time this the best way we can. But I don't have a clue whats right. Is there such a thing as doing it too much? ... (2 replies)
Question on IUI
Feb 23, 2004
... I also just had an IUI last Friday for the first time. I am also having a little cramping daily. Did you do clomid, follistim and the HCG shot? ... (35 replies)
... Keep your chin up and pray for the best. I will pary for you too. ... (1 replies)
2 week wait UGG!
Sep 29, 2010
... Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie! I am now in the horrible 2ww. I had my first IUI on yesterday, and then again today. I don't really know the success rate. My RE said I had 3 good eggs? ... (116 replies)
... pulling cramp, one cycle I had pretty strong cramping about where my ovaries would be, sometimes sore breasts and sometimes none at all. So, what you're feeling is likely very normal. ... (2 replies)
... hi guys yesterday at work i had on and off twinges in my belly like cramping kind of feeling is this normal and i know a silly question however is this a good sign that something is happening ie egg being implanted i had iui on wednesday and yesterday was day 3 cheers any help apprciated (27 replies)
... Hi, I, too have had awful cramping after my first IUI with Clomid and then Ovaril. I have felt alot of bloating and cramping. I have noticed that the discomfort worsens as the day progresses. Taking Tylenol too. ... (5 replies)
First IUI today
Aug 21, 2006
... Wow ladies, thanks for all your quick replies! It's good to know the cramping is normal. Also, I guess we'll be BDing tonight!! I called my hubby at work, and we joked about how all the spontaneity is gone from our sex life... ... (4 replies)
... For me, personally, I had the full round of stim injections for 10 days. I called my RE office every other day it seemed. I panicked about all the cramping I felt, and should I keep taking the progesterone and estrogen if AF comes on? ... (17 replies)
1st IUI 11-20-02
Nov 21, 2002
... very thin, and insert it through the cervix to the uterus. When they go to the cervix you start cramping a bit, but not bad at all, then it goes away and they squirt the sperm, and then you lay there for like 15 min, then thats it. I will know 2wks from the day of the IUI. ... (7 replies)

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