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... I wasn't cramping after iui but was extremely bloated with gas, almost made my abdomen explode! And 5 days later, I started to cramp on and off until AF arrived, which made me wonder if it was implantation cramp or AF cramp. ... (3 replies)
... I never bothered to ask as I just wanna get the IUI done as quickly as possible. I never thought IUI would work on me anymore after so many failed attempts. But my new RE insisted to do one more round before jumping to IVF. It was a second cycle with him. ... (28 replies)
... On my 4th iui, I was bloated on the day of iui, like my tummy was bursting with gas. 5piui, my cramp started until the day AF arrived. ... (19 replies)

Jun 29, 2006
... I had IUI on June 18th and I wasn't doing superovulation just taking femara to induce ovulation. I started to spot on Tuesday... ... (5 replies)
... feet and had to remain in the fetal position for nearly 20 minutes while I waited for it to pass. I called the Dr and was told that this sometimes happens with IUI and as long as there is no blood and I don't have a fever that everything should be okay. ... (4 replies)
... Well went in for my 2nd IUI this morning. Really liked the nurse who did the insemination. She was very informative. Last month I had a small cramp when the injection was done and this month I didn't even feel it. The nurse said she saw cervical mucus which is a good sign that made me happy. ... (4 replies)
Jun 25, 2006
... Today I have been feeling a slight cramp in my side. It is the same spot when I ovulate but it isn't very sharp it is kind of a dull achy pain. ... (5 replies)
10days post iui
Jan 10, 2010
... Hi gals.Am new to dis forum,thanks 4 all the supports and comforts.I'm 10days post iui and d waiting is killing, my Dr told me to wait untill i miss my period before i go for a pregnancy test. ... (0 replies)
... Shilpa, I've had different symptoms after each of my IUI's - nothing severe at all, but sometimes I've had a kind of tugging/pulling cramp, one cycle I had pretty strong cramping about where my ovaries would be, sometimes sore breasts and sometimes none at all. So, what you're feeling is likely very normal. You are absolutely right - the 2ww is so hard!!! It... (2 replies)
... this is my 4th IUI and the most painful ...have 4 follicles this time... ... (49 replies)
Post Iui Cramping
Mar 28, 2007
... Holly, It is quite painful,more so than a normal period cramp however the dr seemed to expect this as i dont ovulate often,feels allmost muscular-how long does it usually last? x (6 replies)
... nly have 1 follicle which is a little disappointing. It is really quick and you should not feel any pain. The waiting is truly the hard part. Every twinge and cramp you say ok it did not work, but then if you are feeling tired that day you say oh it must have worked. Try to keep busy and do things you love doing. ... (10 replies)
... I know how hard it is to try not to analyze every feeling. Before I started all of this treatment, I don't think I ever realized if I had a twinge or cramp or anything. Now, every little twinge I feel I wonder what's going on! ... (76 replies)
... But just from a couple of months of acupuncture, I have a nice, cramp free bleed that is now ending after starting on Thursday or Firday of last week. ... (214 replies)
... Hi Anna, Thank you for your wish. From 7dpiui until today, I've been feeling so crampy. I kept swearing that AF was arriving and not a single day I was spared from the cramp. Sometimes, the pain was so intense that I thought my lining was detaching from my uterus wall and AF was coming. And on CD23 (13dpiui), I was spotting and I even put on a pad as I did not want to... (28 replies)
... Kari I am sorry to hear u had some pain I usually dont have any sometimes a slight cramp when they are depositing the sperm but thats it.Wow Mexico that is nice but did the doctor agree with u getting on the airplane? ... (18 replies)
Back from IUI
Jan 31, 2007
... Hey Lori good to hear all went good.Mine are usually painless as well except for the slight cramp u feel for a second.Well I am a week ahead of u I go in next week for bfp.Good luck and we are all praying for u.Baby Dust to us all. ... (14 replies)
Cramping after IUI
Jan 28, 2007
... Hi Blue u know I had the same concern do the follicles grow after u trigger?What happens to the little ones in there.I have to ask my re that question.As for the cramping it seems odd to me that u guys cramp I am totally fine after mine knock on wood, and I just did #5 this past week.So Blue are u on a cycle?It cant be the sperm causing the cramps cause they wash it for that... (8 replies)
Jun 29, 2006
... I had my 4th IUI on 6/10, and never experianced cramping like I did this time. I was doubled over in pain, and crying it hurt so bad. The pain slightly subsided about 2 days later, and is still there, but not nearly as bad as that day. Turned out I was having slight OHSS. Almost feels like AF is coming, but in my case it didn't, and I am about 4 weeks now, so don't discount... (5 replies)
Jun 26, 2006
... Hi Koukla :wave: I have read in other posts about women getting cramps/pains after IUI, and I think it is a normal thing. Keep thinking about all those BFPs that are happening on the board & try to relax. You can always call your dr & see what they think - it might make you feel better. I have a good feeling that this might be your month :p I hope I am right!! I will be... (5 replies)

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