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Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 14, 2007
... Luba, I was on 200 units of follistim a day, so your dose does look higher than most, but it could very well be the perfect dose for you. And you've said you don't feel any fullness yet, so I think that's a good sign. Let us know how your monitoring appt goes... :) Mady, I know what you mean. It's scary to let our hopes get up too high when other things haven't worked. ... (183 replies)
Aug 30, 2007
... his first SA, but the rest have all been fine. ... (26 replies)
... e using donor sperm to have a baby.Its ok to ask I dont think I ever told you my story anyway.I did 7 IUI's with donor 1 month I had a chemical pregnancy and the rest were BFN's.So now you know my story I have no issues at all so I just hope I get pregnant soon. ... (15 replies)

... I called the nurse to ask if it was an internal ultra sound. She said yes and that the rest would be too. She asked if I was getting hyper already because I called to ask a question 1 day after IUI. She said it in good nature. ... (52 replies)
... Great Idea!! Me 34 (yuck..I hate even writing that) DH 35 TTC 15 years in July- never been on birth control unless to "rest ovaries" before medications Stage II-III endo High FSH (last reading 16.3) Poor Responder to fertility medication (even called a NON-Responder) I have mastered the "art" of being a human pin cushion! :D (38 replies)
3rd Beta
Jun 16, 2007
... e process a little easier to deal with emotionally. I had very little bleeding and cramping afterwards. Like you, I also think I am going to look into doing an IUI in July. I can't see myself waiting months to start another cycle or jumping right back into IVF. ... (130 replies)
2WW anyone else
Jun 14, 2007
... Just wanted to join the 2ww thread. I am starting my 2ww as of today. My IUI went wonderful this morning!! ... (102 replies)
Successful surgery
Jun 13, 2007
... l like I just had surgery. I spent all that time worrying about it, and trying to fight away butterflies, and it was over so fast! I really expected to sleep the rest of the day, like I did when I had my wisdom teeth removed, but I was suprisingly alert. Anyway, thank you again ladies! ... (15 replies)
... Anna leigh, We have been trying for almost 3 years. I had 3 surgeries in 18 months. Here is what I posted earlier in the post - I think it answers all of your questions: For those of you who don't know - I had major surgery in December where the doctor removed endo, removed an adhesion from my left ovary, did an ovarian wedge resection and lifted my uterus. If I am... (32 replies)
Back from ET :)
May 14, 2007
... By the way, the ET was almost painless. Easier than an IUI. So I know the rest of you are going to do fantastic! ... (21 replies)
... April, After the booster injection (to mature and release egg) they leave you a few days then insert a thin catheter into the uterus and inject the sperm, they then leave you for 20mins and then your free to go. Which means we never know if the egg has been fertilised or not(i assume not since its failed twice) I am also on a waiting list for icsi (what the rest of you... (116 replies)
... So glad that everything went ok. Try to rest don t over do it so we ll have you up and about for your IUI. ... (10 replies)
... ore throat for a day or two after both of my laps from the breathing tube. The old wives tale about gargling with salt water actually helped a little. Get some rest and prepare for your IUI! ... (10 replies)
... ICSI was going to be our only option, so I am still prepared to go that route. I never thought IUI would be an option, but our RE told me it could be, if his sample thaws well. That will be tested after lab results check out clear. ... (11 replies)
Good Luck Mapia!!
Apr 12, 2007
... th and I asked him about the clomid cause I have taken it for 3 months and he said so far so good u are doing fine ur lining is fine plus u take prometrium after IUI which helps and if u do get a cysts it will go away by next month.He said clomid is fine as long as we are monitoring u.Well anyway I have talked ur ears off. ... (190 replies)
... Carisa, Not done icsi myself, got my 1st round of iui on monday an although the rest of that day i was feeling fine tues&today i feel crap. i have really bad af/gas cramps im bloated, back pain,generally i feel rubbish and was told thats quite normal so can only assume egg retretrieval would generate some discomfort as its more invasive. Hope you feel better soon love-try... (5 replies)
... right, and still no pregnancy. And because we conceived our other kids relatively easily, this 14 month journey is getting so old now. Anyway best wishes for the rest of you ladies, and hopefully you will have some good news for us this month. ... (4 replies)
... own.So if BFN this time I will just stop hopefully be able to move back to greece over the summer get there and settled and collect my thoughts and I am sure the rest will do me good.I will go see the nun and talk to her she has this peace in her voice that seems to put my soul at ease. ... (34 replies)
... So great to hear from you!!! Glad your off bed rest and BETA is only a few days away. I have such a good feeling for you. ... (15 replies)
... jectables for this cycle for the 1st time. I went to RE today and had a scan, I am on CD8 and there were several follies but only 9 of them were at a 12 and the rest were to small to even measure. ... (2 replies)

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