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Feb 28, 2007
... Holly u go home and rest that is cool that u have an understanding boss.But honestly going to work after IUI is fine and u will be fine.Now if u just want to take the day off I dont blame u I would do the same if I could. ... (79 replies)
Feb 28, 2007
... Oh Kathy, today better not be Tuesday or I'm going to go crazy with excitement before my IUI gets here!! That meeting I came into work for got pushed back, and nobody bothered to tell me. ... (79 replies)
Feb 28, 2007
... OMG for some reason I thought today was Tuesday..DUH!!!! Boy this week went so fast. I am so excited about your 1st IUI I can't stand it!!! ... (79 replies)

Feb 28, 2007
... I came to work because we have a meeting I need to be at this morning, but I think I'm going to leave early and just get as much rest as I can. I want to be as healthy as I can for the IUI tomorrow. ... (79 replies)
G/L Kari
Feb 26, 2007
... So the results were just about what I expected.... One very good size follie measuring in at 20 and the rest were really very small. ... (51 replies)
... :wave: Hi Guys, Well I finally spoke to nurse about my XL cycle. :rolleyes: She said the're she is not sure if those 3 buggers are cysts or follies. :dizzy: So why did they leave me a message saying they we cysts...I have no idea :confused: Anyway, the good news is that she said I can TTC on my own this month so DH and I will be baby dancing every other day starting day... (61 replies)
Good Luck Deluka
Feb 20, 2007
... I worry the dose may not be strong enough though. We'll see how everything looks on Monday, I presume. I think we'll go natural rather than IUI just for this cycle, either way looks like you and I are gonna be entering this 2WW wait together! ... (133 replies)
... c AF did not show up that Friday on my 1st IUI cycle but mine never comes that Friday.. ... (4 replies)
... o we'll know how I've progressed with plenty of time to decide how to conclude. Hopefully all would be good to trigger at that time... still not sure if I'll do IUI again this cycle. ... (285 replies)
... re are fine.... although there was a big shooting at a mall here in Salt Lake last night that went down just a few miles from where I'm staying and working. The rest of the corporate employees who are out here with me were out to dinner at the same time last nite when it all happened... ... (285 replies)
... He is also the kind of doctor who does everything to make sure I get pregnant, so he did 2 IUIs this month and let me rest flat on the chair 15 minutes after. ... (285 replies)
... Well then just rest do as the re says it wont hurt to take percautions.Dont worry about work I am sure they can handle a few days without u being there. ... (15 replies)
... I'm so confused. I just had my third IUI on Friday morning and had four good follies; this morning when I wen to the bathroom I saw some spotting. I know you get you A/F early (i'm usually withing a week), but this early.....I thought for sure that this would be a good one....UGH. HOpefully it's nothing, but now I'm all stressed and that's all I'm obsessing on. I... (13 replies)
Another 2ww thread
Jan 11, 2007
... Thanks Laurie, Good luck to you too hon. Sounds like your cycle is lookin pretty good :) . Hi Koukla :wave: ! How are you?? Thanks for telling me that - I never imagined implantation bleeding would last that long :eek: ! I am pretty sure this is AF for me though because it has gotten much brighter in color. Here's hoping for next month :angel: S&J, I'm sorry the... (52 replies)
Jan 3, 2007
... han the ones that we use with the injectibles. They are all individually wrapped and disposable. She told me today that 2 patients received BFPs this week. I did IUI with herbal teas and 22 treatments, the other did IVF with no herbs but had 16 treatments, 8 with each IVF. ... (33 replies)
Dec 30, 2006
... t. My DH just started going a couple of weeks ago too since he has a slight morphology issue. We figured it can't hurt. I'll be curious to see his SA at our next IUI to see if it helped. I'll let you all know. My diagnosis was treatment for 3 months and I'm halfway through it now. ... (33 replies)
So frustrated!
Dec 29, 2006
... I'm sorry to hear that your cycle is just as uncontrollable and unpredictable as mine. It's extremely frustrating. I would still take the vacation, you need the rest to recharge yourself. I know that it sucks to miss a cycle but is there a way to "preserve" the cycle? ... (5 replies)
... I just wanted to chime in with the rest of the guys and say I am so sorry that your sister has a blocked tube. ... (5 replies)
... I was inspired to write this thread after reading some of what Aimee and the rest of us have been going through with IF. It seems that even when everything is set up to go right, whether your tx is for IUI, IVF etc. ... (4 replies)
Estrogen levels
Dec 2, 2006
... on my left at 12.4, 17.6, 18.5mm and 2 on my right at 14.1 and 10.6mm. Was told to trigger tonight and IUI scheduled for day 12, November 8, 2006. ... (6 replies)

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