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Sep 10, 2004
... After my first IUI, I was very mildly overstimulated. I also had a couple of large cysts left over from taking the fertility meds. I also sat out a month to give my body a rest. My nurse said there was absolutely no problem with trying naturally at this time. Good luck to you both :wave: . (1 replies)
... most likely be our only attempt considering we are paying full price cash. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Congrats on the twin. Best of luck to the rest of you! ... (85 replies)
... I'm hoping, too ... i've had 2 cycles of IUI so far. My doc says the cutoff is 17mm. I suppose it varies with different docs. ... (3 replies)

Jun 7, 2004
... Hi :( I did a urine preg test today at the clinic and it turned out neg. I was upset so I called my RE and they said it would be neg. I have to wait at least until thursday just cause my AF was due today doesn't mean anything cause I was on Lupron and it will change my AF date now. So now no AF and a neg preg test and i'm still upset. I had my IUI last Thursday the 27th,... (5 replies)
AF coming :(
May 19, 2004
... Hi! Just got in from my IUI....30 min wait and home to bed today...they also want me to rest tomorrow. At first I was really angry about resting tomorrow...but now I am sooo sore and tender I really don't mind. ... (356 replies)
... bon said. my dr. said they check you while your ovaries are at rest so they can make sure everything looks ok before they start to stimulate them. ... (7 replies)
Mar 9, 2004
... good morning girls !! so sorry I never posted last night !!! But everything went well --- I got to see my baby GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!! She is about 5 inches long . they did the 2d u/s which should her skill , brain, heart everything. they said that everything look good. as for the test -- ouch !!! it was over pretty fast -- but still I reallly didn't like it at all. ... (230 replies)
... in 30 minutes and will be busy the rest of the morning. That gives me 30 minutes to figure out how I'm going to get this shot. ... (4 replies)
... I'm so sorry Misof! Do you feel comfortable with this doctor? Maybe you could switch RE's? I haven't gone through an IVF cycle (three IUI's) yet - just preparing to now and this is one of my concerns because I'm a bit older. What about speaking with a counselor or just someone else in this field that might be able to set your mind at rest? I see you're in Wakefield -... (8 replies)
... ore cramping it is really painful but is on and off still,and it's like a sore type cramping rather than the crindging type I usually get.Any way when I used the rest room today I had a really stretchy discharge. ... (2 replies)
Got PG test today
Oct 16, 2003
... Hi Lissie, Well as you already know I had a reversal on Nov.4 2002 so I have been TTC ever since. I had a HSG test and my tubes are both open. My Dh had a brain tumor on his patuatary gland and had it removed when he was 15. He is no taking depo-testosteron shots every 3 weeks. My RE thinks he may have a low sperm count do to the testosterone. He had a SA done in Sept of... (11 replies)
... I have been on follistim for 12 days now and have numerous follicles but I have only 1 at 18, 2 at 15 and the rest below................. I feel like a chicken to some extent!!!! My Dr. wants me to wait for the results today from my bloodwork to see which way to go......... ... (2 replies)
Poor Hubby
Aug 15, 2003
... that are ok. We're still waiting for the rest of his results to see if his concentration is ok to go forward with the IUI. Had a call from the clinic and they say that he has white blood cells in his SA? ... (3 replies)
Just an update
Aug 9, 2003
... Hi ladies , How are you all ? , I just want to say what I am passing through this days , really I miss writing to you , I feel that I am talking with myself :) I am now taking rest for about 6 months from injections as you all know I tried two times with Natural intercourse and two with IUI without getting pregnant :(, I have pcos and secondary amenorrhea , My DR put me... (7 replies)
... ll for responding, and for your thoughts and prayers. i am still in shock. everything was perfect. i have been planning this procedure since late may, when my iui failed. ... (38 replies)
... thinking about me!!Well.....went and said there were lots of little follies.They dont measure them technically until at least 12 mm! I had 2 follies at 9mm. The rest bratty immature ones!!!! ... (2 replies)
Jul 16, 2003
... Ill probably be doing iui next week.. itll be 9 yrs. ... (21 replies)
IUI Questions
Jul 15, 2003
... Hey Snoozin, I have an HMO that covers 80% of the injectables/IUI, so I'm paying about $300/month for meds (20 amps of gonal-f) and about $400 for co-pays and the rest of what's not covered, so I'm paying about $700 out of pocket. It's not cheap, but if it works, it'll be worth it. Thanks Annie!!!!!!!!! I hope this is the month for th two of us :) Wouldn't that be... (6 replies)
How many million?
Jul 15, 2003
... Ladies, Can you tell me the average # of swimmers your DHs or donors let loose each IUI? My RE said my DH was at the "low end of normal" but he only averages about 11 million after 2-3 days of "rest". Snoozin's donor put out 90 million!!! Was my RE just being optimistic or seeing the glass "half full" (no pun intended)? What do you think? L (2 replies)
12th BFN
Jul 13, 2003
... ears!!! But we are all going to make it. The only thing that really keeps me going is knowing that this can not be a permant obstacle that we will face for the rest of our lives. ... (3 replies)

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