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... had iui Monday a.m. ... (85 replies)
... I am so glad to hear your experience, Koukla, it gives me immense hope. I have never bd'd after an IUI but I might have to this time. ... (6 replies)
... I am not sure when I will do the IUI since my eggs are not fully mature yet... Maybe, this thursday or friday... ... (18 replies)

Jun 13, 2005
... ly when i am on clomid though that i can feel it. Trouble is with me, i feel really rough afterwards and hate having sex cos its uncomfortable. This is where the IUI suits me better. ... (17 replies)
... I just got back from Dr. The follicle is now a 15. I have to take 100 tonight and he thinks that is all I will need. I hope this one takes. He wants us to do IUI but if Dh and I are in good shape, I am not sure why he wants us to do that. Does it just speed things up more? ... (7 replies)
... I ended up with OHSS and was out of work for 3 weeks. We were just able to do another treatment of which we started out at 2 for 3 days then down to one for the rest of the time. I ended up with 2 follies and had my IUI 13 days ago. I should be able to find something out tomorrow. ... (1 replies)
... IVF is a little more invasive, but it's nothing to be scared of and can be very similar to IUI depending on your clinic. They put you out for the egg retrieval, but it's not for long and you go home that day. ... (6 replies)
Whom do you tell?
Oct 20, 2003
... ally we told everyone that we were stopping all together until next year! However, my husband works sooo many hours and I needed someone here on my four day bed rest and also I have a crazy dog that I needed someone to take for me for those four days. ... (11 replies)
How much for iui?
Aug 26, 2003
... up front though for the actual IUI. If you are able to get the rest of it covered, it isn't so bad. ... (3 replies)
... ugh, I hate this stuff, the "curds" are enough to put me off dairy products for the rest of my darn life. UGH. ... (21 replies)
Jul 14, 2003
... If you don't mind my asking... Did your RE tell you, on the second IUI you had this morning, how much lower was your DH's sperm count from the first IUI? ... (12 replies)
Jul 11, 2003
... ter on, Have Fun! Fun my F'in azzzy!..That whole cycle just blew! So I dont know if ya O'd or I have read on here, people have lost follys and couple days later, rest grew and they went ahead with the IUI's buttt I think your numbers have alot to do with this, so ask for them, ask what they think happened to them folllys... ... (12 replies)
IUI $?
Jun 12, 2003
... My insurance doesn't pay for IUI, but for some reason it pays for the rest (U/S, bloodwork, even sperm wash) except meds. However, it took over a year and several appeals to come to this agreement with them. Before they started paying, I paid $50 for clomid, $20-$40 for HCG injection, $120 - $360 an u/s. (My old doc was $360 and my new doc is $120.) The actual IUI is about... (6 replies)
... IUI. Smart move to take a break. Give it a rest and do one more IUI!! I am so glad you are feeling better. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new nephew. ... (20 replies)
... They never gave me an exact date thaey just told me 14 days from IUI which would be on Memorial Day May 26th. I may have to wait until the 27th I don't know if the lab will be open on Memorial Day or not. When is your Beta? ... (20 replies)
I got the axe!
Apr 19, 2003
... pg happened! Keep that in the back of your mind and you never know, maybe it will get you through the rest of the month, and you never know! ... (11 replies)
? for Mrs. R
Apr 14, 2003
... s, there was no response anyway, so we cancelled the rest of the cycle. In Feb, we tried one more time hoping that December was just a bad cycle and maybe even the flu on top of it all. No such luck. ... (2 replies)
... m always wearing a pad in this two weeks, i can remember after my seconed IUI my progesterone level after 7 days from the iui was 65 and the nurse told me that this is v.good and i asked her if this is good she said yes over 10 is good . ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for responding gsjjs1 but if I have one tube open, can I still get IUI with one tube open or opt for IVF? ... (4 replies)
Buddies continues
Nov 20, 2002
... Hi everyone, I haven't been on the boards either lately but decided to "catch up" today. Dh and I are in our month off from really trying, waiting for our first IUI next month. ... (24 replies)

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