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In the 2ww!
Dec 11, 2006
... I had HORRIBLE cramping from trigger last cycle through the 2ww for another 6 days and pain started to subside. ... (59 replies)
Jul 6, 2006
... not even sure they would allow it. The most pain for me that is normal with the surgery is the chest pain from the air they pump into you during surgery. ... (14 replies)
... d some motile sperm, so that was good. They went in and extracted them and found live ones, to mix with my eggs to make embryos. I will talk to the dr. about the pain I am having, that is a good idea. I don't have endomet. on my left side, they checked everything when they did the surgery, and took photos. Uterus, tubes.... ... (2 replies)

... endorphins in my brain are telling my body that my egg and DH's sperm are foreign objects and killing them off before they meet or even after fertilization occurs. ... (10 replies)
... so now that i did not ovulate yet IM WAITING.. the waitining is a pain, but also the fact that my body isnt doing what its suppose to! and cubed thanks for your response, you were always able to relate, i hope things with you are good! ... (14 replies)
... You are quite welcome! I NEVER thought that not peeing would be such an ordeal either--HUGE lessoned learned there. LOL---Had I known how important it was, I would have much rather been honest, than to have my hubby have to take me to the ER, then having to wear that VERY embarrassing catheter bag home!!! so anytime I hear that someone is about to have surgery--I make sure... (10 replies)
Mar 4, 2003
... t after 3 years of "dry periods" all the pain, PMS and other things just minus the bleeding the OBGYN suggested a hysterectomy to get rid of the terrible monthly pain so in May 2002 I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. They took my uterus and cervix and left my ovaries in because I was only 41 at the time. ... (1 replies)
... d down, doing what we pleased and he knew it would be a big change. so i suggested to him, that I would need to go off bcp and it might take a few months for my body to regulate itself so i was sure we wouldn't get preg. right away. ... (160 replies)
Bad News
Dec 15, 2006
... with your body! The good thing is is that my female organs are beautiful he said! There was no signs of the endo being back at all!!!! I did have a cyst on my left ovary so they drained the blood from it. So I guess I should be thankful that all my reprod. ... (27 replies)
AF coming :(
Jun 16, 2004
... yuck!! bb's were sore last night but when I got up today they are not too much. Then on my way to work I kept getting this sharp pain on my lower left side. I could feel it coming on, then it would hit its peak of pain and then fade away. It did about 6 or 7 times. ... (356 replies)
... I have, and I haven't felt a pain yet. I don't know if I am being selfish, but I don't want to stop until my body says it. Are you having any experience with it? ... (2 replies)
... So, I've had some very sensitive boobs yesterday with some tingly pain but I also had some AF cramping towards the evening which scared me. ... (69 replies)
... I've had a stitch like pain on my left side down low, and had 2 bouts of nausea last night at work. The second lasted all the way home, and although my appetite had diminished.. ... (69 replies)
Dec 10, 2007
... Marie I am so glad you posted! I have thought about you so much the last week or so and was afraid maybe you left us after your BFP was confirmed! I know how hard it was for you and DH to get where you are today... your journey inspires me. How are you doing? ... (80 replies)
... unavoidable. IF is a homewrecker. it is incredibly difficult. But someday happiness will fill your heart again. and then you and DH will pick up right where you left off and things will be perfect. ... (110 replies)
Lupron question
Jul 27, 2007
... I saw my dr yesterday for my post op from lap two weeks ago. They found endo, which overall is stage 2. My right side looks pretty clean, but my left is a real mess, looking more like stage 4. I would like to get it treated to help with the pain and increase my chances of getting and staying pregnant. ... (12 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 24, 2007
... Amelu, that stinks there was some pain with the mock transer... I'm sure it didn't help that it was the end of the week, prob when you are most tense or tired from the preceeding week. ... (525 replies)
... WOW, I think you just covered EVERYTHING I'm feeling. Thank you so much for sharing this...I'm sending you a hug (x)...I hear the same things too...but I know God has His plan...I am just praying for patience at this point. Good luck to you too! (17 replies)
... ity. You call it a roller coaster, that is true, other days, it feels like I am drowning, spinning, smothering, choking, can't get any air in this world, in this body that won't function for what it was designed and reproduce. ... (17 replies)
... have no other real options. Plus like I said before, DH and I have decided we could not bring a child into the world knowing it would only suffer and go through pain and agony. So I don't have a choice no matter what way we look at this. I have to go and do this and I just don't know how I will do it? ... (56 replies)

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