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First ivf
Aug 2, 2010
... I get it done. I still feel there has to be another protocal in drugs for me to try. I was speaking to another lady in the waiting room today and she said her FSH levels were at 10 and she only had 6 six follies that were responding very slowly. She was on a differnent protocal but at the highest level as well. ... (77 replies)
... I also tried Clomid for several cycles by itself, but had no luck when I was TTC my 1st. My FSH level at 37 was only 6.1. Then 1 injection of Follistim was also added to it. ... (14 replies)
... ge test. I did not get pregnant however, my RE suggested it due to not knowing my cycle. He felt this is the cheapest way to diagnosis me. I would run a complete cycle with the clomid and he would monitor me until I ovulate. I am very glad I did this. ... (9 replies)

... Thanks for your response. Good luck with your IVF process. I conceived my son with the help of Clomid, Follistim, and IUI on a 2nd cycle of trying that. It took a year all together. I originally had conceived twins, but lost 1 early. ... (14 replies)
... I decided to ask my RE if I could do the Clomid Challenge this next cycle. I started the clomid challenge test mid last week. Today, I got the results of my CD 3 FSH and E2. My FSH is at 10.2 and my E2 is at 29. I have my next lab for my FSH CD 10 on Thursday. ... (3 replies)
? about FSH Levels
Jan 30, 2003
... MrsR...I have had FSH levels done twice. The first time I did it on day nine of my cycle and the number was 55!!!!! ... (5 replies)
... I just wanted to update my thread as well. I was really fretting about that FSH level but I had an opportunity to take in depth with one of the nurses and she assured me that level IS NOT HIGH!!! So that is great news indeed. ... (9 replies)
... are supposed to be at day 10, but you've got good FSH numbers and a good day 3 estradiol number. ... (4 replies)
... But .... I would like to have one more child. I have read a little bit about FSH levels but am having a hard time totally understanding what it all means. If I read correctly .... ... (7 replies)
... This is a question for my sister who was about to have a first cycle of IVF after ttc over 10 years.She is 38,has severe endo,suffers ovarian cysts and lost one ovary surgically 5 years ago. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a 33 year old female recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and have been having other symptoms that my doctor felt was not related to my low thyroid hormone levels, however possible pre-menopausal symptoms!!? And since I am hypothyroid and still single (not married so not trying to have a baby yet until I marry) and absolutely indeed want to have a baby(ies)/family... (0 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone is TTC with FSH levels over 10 or has had a successful pregnancy outcome. ... (14 replies)
... Which was my highest levels yet. He said they consider anything under 10 to be normal. Can I really have several follicles, and no eggs? ... (0 replies)
... pocket for my upcoming IVF. I switched RE's this year, so let me tell you what each offers. At my current RE, if the woman's FSH levels are under 10, you qualify for a reduced IVF pricing. ... (23 replies)
... Hello and welcome Candycane, I do have an inspirational story. I have a friend who was also suffering with IF, we have formed a great supportive friendship and found out we both have been TTC for 4 years. She did her first cycle of IVF this past January (she was 34 turning 35 in April). Her FSH level was at least 10 (which is higher than my RE would even consider for... (14 replies)
... I wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear that your cycle was cancelled, I know exactly how you feel. ... (14 replies)
... hi. my name is rachel. i'm 29 years old and was recently dx'ed as having hashimoto's thyroiditis. i'm pretty sure i'm hypothyroid as well, though my levels appear to be in "normal" ranges. ... (0 replies)
... AMH measures your ovarian reserve. My levels are 2.4 which is very good. Apparently to be a donar your levels must be between 1.4 and 3.0. So after my cycle being cancelled im glad to get some good news. ... (14 replies)
? about FSH Levels
Jan 30, 2003
... I am day 20 myself and just not sure about ovulation this month. Based on CM, I'd say no, with one possible day (the day my DH didn't want to do anything). By temps maybe I o'd right around cycle day 8, 9, or 10 (I don't remember and the chart is at home). But I have been running pretty steady around 97 last 4 or 5 days so I don't think I ovulated. As far as the 55... (5 replies)
... Sorry to hear that your IVF cycle was cancelled and about the left over meds. The injectables are expensive. Yes, all it takes is 1 good egg. ... (14 replies)

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