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... Asileen I am not sure how long after tranfer implantation bleeding occurs, but i can say that I had implantation bleeding 7dpo, and I am now 15 weeks pg. Good luck I hope you will be posting a BFP soon. ... (23 replies)
... This morning I woke up and went to the loo as I wiped I saw some blood it is not as much as AF but it is still there slightly. I am now 7dpo and 8dptrigger is it implantation bleeding or AF? ... (44 replies)
... Does anyone know how long after a transfer implantation bleeding might take place? ... (23 replies)

... But just out of curiosity, for those who experienced the implantation bleeding, how long did this last and what was the experience like? ... (5 replies)
... when would it start, what would it be like, how long would it last, etc? ... (6 replies)
... Generally, implantation bleeding is very light spotting, dark brownish red, and usually only lasts for up to 48 hours. ... (6 replies)
... I've been in your shoes before and wondered the same thing. I've read tons of things from searching and most sites say implantation bleeding can be anywhere from day 6-10 but as with everything else, everyone is different. I know what you are feeling, believe me I've gone through it every month for far too long. Anything is possible, stay positive. (4 replies)
... I've heard of implantation spotting lasting from 1 day to even a week!! Also, it varies sometimes, for some women, it's spotting, others it can be as heavy as a period! ... (2 replies)
... I am been having spotting for almost 6 days and my period is due tomorrow. Is this an implantation spotting? ... (2 replies)
Bleeding after AF
Aug 29, 2004
... ing, then yes it could have been implantation bleeding. ... (3 replies)
... blood on the paper and nothing in the toilet. I kept checking all night, and I had convinced myself it was implantation bleeding! ... (52 replies)
Dec 31, 2007
... ere. Everyday since Thursday I have had a very tiny little bit, like one spot of blood, Thursday it was like a few pink streaks. The IUI was Monday. If it was implantation bleeding would it continue this long. I have never had any bleeding inbetween periods. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Torrie, Well Im on CD 19 now and the brown discharge is about the same as yesterday. Its not bad enough to wear a pantyline or anything, as I only see it when I wipe (sorry). Im going crazy trying to decide if its Implantation bleeding ( I know its a long shot) or spotting from Ovulation. All I know is I have never had brown discharge at this point in my cycle, but I... (6 replies)
New to the board.
Mar 29, 2007
... Welcome to the boards! That definitely sounds like it could be implantation bleeding! I mean, I would hate to get your hopes up cuz it could possibly be AF showing up early as well, but it SOUNDS like implantation bleeding to me. ... (17 replies)
Frozen transfer
Dec 28, 2006
... rogesterone shots from the evening after transfer until 10 weeks of pregnancy.Both embryos emplanted successfully. And I delivered two baby boys. I did have some bleeding and cramping like a period around 6 weeks of pregnancy.I thought I was miscarrying. ... (84 replies)
... as long as you see the temp shift. ... (70 replies)
... Shereena your bleeding sound like it is implantation bleeding and not AF.I also had a few cramps and I thought AF was going to show. As long as you are not bleeding there is a chance of getting your BFP. ... (41 replies)
... I think that implantation spotting differs from person to person if one does experience it. ... (13 replies)
... The nurse said it could be just irritation to the uterus from the IUI procedure or implantation. I would think that if the uterus got irritated from the IUI procedure, I would have bled right after the procedure, not 3-4 days later. The nurse told me not to worry too much as long as the bleeding has stopped (which it has). Easier said than done of course. (3 replies)
2nd BETA
Mar 24, 2008
... Jennifer, I think I will make you feel a whole lot better cuz I didn't have any implantation bleeding whatsoever...and believe me, I was looking for it! ... (61 replies)

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