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... Generally, implantation bleeding is very light spotting, dark brownish red, and usually only lasts for up to 48 hours. ... (6 replies)
... Km I thought the same thing about not until the embie implants re hcg, but I just typed the instructions as per the box. DH and I have just had big discussion about what I meant and what I actually typed!!!:D I've confused myself. Bottom line is conception is before implantation. I read that the hcg level increases after implantation. The test says it can give a... (7 replies)
... Asileen I am not sure how long after tranfer implantation bleeding occurs, but i can say that I had implantation bleeding 7dpo, and I am now 15 weeks pg. Good luck I hope you will be posting a BFP soon. ... (23 replies)

... y, into the night and a bit the next morning. I also had a bit of brown spotting the next day after that. So, my question is...if it was infact implantation, how long after that is there enough HCG to pick up on an HPT? ... (7 replies)
... I've been in your shoes before and wondered the same thing. I've read tons of things from searching and most sites say implantation bleeding can be anywhere from day 6-10 but as with everything else, everyone is different. I know what you are feeling, believe me I've gone through it every month for far too long. Anything is possible, stay positive. (4 replies)
... It could be implantation spotting and the cramps may be from implantation also, I hope this is the case and you get your BFP, when will you be testing? ... (2 replies)
... We tried to work out exactly the same thing km. Not sure what DPO you are but we did day 10 and got a BFN, but DH made sure I remembered that it could just be too early. I used Pregnosis. Virgin user for this brand ;), you put the stick through a foam disc which floats on top of your pee in the container. Kinda like sailing a homemade boat! Anyway, the packet said can... (7 replies)
... I just read online: 3-4 days for it to show up on blood test, but 5-6 days for urine. Tomorrow will be day 5 past possible implantation. I was going to try to wait until Sunday, which will be 6 days, which is also about 4 days before AF is to show. They say those early tests can show up to 5 days before (which would be tomorrow) and Im wondering if that's meant for those that... (7 replies)
... Does anyone know how long after a transfer implantation bleeding might take place? ... (23 replies)
... This morning I woke up and went to the loo as I wiped I saw some blood it is not as much as AF but it is still there slightly. I am now 7dpo and 8dptrigger is it implantation bleeding or AF? ... (44 replies)
... I've heard of implantation spotting lasting from 1 day to even a week!! Also, it varies sometimes, for some women, it's spotting, others it can be as heavy as a period! ... (2 replies)
... I am been having spotting for almost 6 days and my period is due tomorrow. Is this an implantation spotting? ... (2 replies)
... But just out of curiosity, for those who experienced the implantation bleeding, how long did this last and what was the experience like? ... (5 replies)
... when would it start, what would it be like, how long would it last, etc? ... (6 replies)
... I would hate for you to test too early and lose hope. so I would err on the side of caution and see how long you can hold out before testing. But I know from experience, that can seem excrutiatingly difficult. ... (7 replies)
... I also wondered if you knew how long implantation takes after IVF? ... (95 replies)
... left and back which with my bladder full they felt it was making it harder to pass the catheter. Once I did that, it was smooth sailing! Now, I'm wondering how long implantation takes. I imagine the doctors don't even know for sure. ... (95 replies)
... Laurajane, I have to tell you this to your post. When I did my first IUI me RE did a blood test before the 2ww, he always does on his patients. He said if everything is perfect for the IUI it will show up 7-10 days after IUI. So, you very well could be pg. I hope you are, my bpf didn't show up 10 days after IUI but 14. My RE said only because it was a late implantation. ... (2 replies)
... om on taking a test. 17 to 20 days after the time you had sex during the time you ovulated. I know it seems like forever but it gives your body a chance to let implantation take place and for HCG to build up enough for a test to pick up. ... (5 replies)
... blood on the paper and nothing in the toilet. I kept checking all night, and I had convinced myself it was implantation bleeding! ... (52 replies)

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