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... But just out of curiosity, for those who experienced the implantation bleeding, how long did this last and what was the experience like? ... (5 replies)
... I've heard of implantation spotting lasting from 1 day to even a week!! Also, it varies sometimes, for some women, it's spotting, others it can be as heavy as a period! ... (2 replies)
... Generally, implantation bleeding is very light spotting, dark brownish red, and usually only lasts for up to 48 hours. ... (6 replies)

... I've been in your shoes before and wondered the same thing. I've read tons of things from searching and most sites say implantation bleeding can be anywhere from day 6-10 but as with everything else, everyone is different. I know what you are feeling, believe me I've gone through it every month for far too long. Anything is possible, stay positive. (4 replies)
... Shereena your bleeding sound like it is implantation bleeding and not AF.I also had a few cramps and I thought AF was going to show. As long as you are not bleeding there is a chance of getting your BFP. ... (41 replies)
Bleeding after AF
Aug 29, 2004
... ing, then yes it could have been implantation bleeding. ... (3 replies)
... Easier said than done of course. ... (3 replies)
... I can't say I've had any symptoms of PG that I know of, just sometimes feel a leeetle crampy after nite does of prog. ... (10 replies)
... Shereena, I have just got my BFP, and I had brown spotting with a bit of red here and there I was worried that it was going to be AF but as it turns out it was implantation bleeding, so maybe you are expriencing the same. Good luck as long as AF does not show you still have a chance. ... (41 replies)
... I wrote them off as nothing knowing that I can't trust any 'signs' this early. Of course, in the back of my mind, I have been terrified that we did get pg and it is going to be tubal again... ... (52 replies)
... Hi Torrie, Well Im on CD 19 now and the brown discharge is about the same as yesterday. Its not bad enough to wear a pantyline or anything, as I only see it when I wipe (sorry). Im going crazy trying to decide if its Implantation bleeding ( I know its a long shot) or spotting from Ovulation. All I know is I have never had brown discharge at this point in my cycle, but I... (6 replies)
Dec 31, 2007
... I'm going nuts here. Everyday since Thursday I have had a very tiny little bit, like one spot of blood, Thursday it was like a few pink streaks. The IUI was Monday. If it was implantation bleeding would it continue this long. ... (2 replies)
Frozen transfer
Dec 28, 2006
... Hi, I am new to here. I went through Invitro in 2002 I was 24 at the time,they retrieved 12 eggs and 6 of them fertilized normally. They transferred 2 embryo on day 5 at blastocyst stage. And we froze the remaining 4 embryos for later use. ... (84 replies)
... as long as you see the temp shift. ... (70 replies)
... Oh CMarie thank you for your post. I just read it aloud to DH cause he keeps asking if I personally know anyone from the board who had bleeding and cramping, so it came at the perfect time. ... (56 replies)
First IUI
Sep 4, 2007
... Definitely not implantation bleeding? ... (6 replies)
... I hope all of you get some good news sooner rather than later! ... (47 replies)
Another 2ww thread
Jan 11, 2007
... Holly, I'm so sorry to hear about your possible early AF - I was hoping to test around the same time as you early next week and hope for both of our BFPs, who knows - it sounds similar to Dee's last month early AF which ended up being implantation bleeding & now she's pg w/twins! Anyway, I have been feeling twinges & tugs in my middle region and my breasts are full & tender... (52 replies)
... You can be pregnant and still have a blood flow. It is not really a period, but an imbalance of hormones, so people will do this for a few months or the whole nine months at the time they would normally have their period. ... (3 replies)
Another 2ww thread
Jan 11, 2007
... Well everyone, I was really disappointed to be out of the 2ww, but I'm hanging in there. Thanks for keeping me company through it. ... (52 replies)

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