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... I did a blood test yesterday and my fertility specialist called to say that unfortunately my levels were not increasing as he wanted them too so he increased the Gonal F to 150 IU. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Kari, Thanks for putting me at ease again ... I am actually doing an IUI with this treatment first. I wanted to do IVF and skip the FSH treatment with IUI but my doctor recommended that I do this first so that he can see how I respond to the injections. So far no side affects what so ever which I guess is a good thing. I go in on Saturday if my blood work is where it... (3 replies)
... Hi Cris... I have heard or read somewhere that Doctors in Canada prefer to stimulate much slower than the doctors here in the states. I would imagine that is a more conservative approach, so it's safe. I'm on my first IVF cycle and on CD 4 I started gonal-F at 225, supplemented by repronex at 75iu. My RE has adjusted my dose daily based on results of bloodwork (gonal-F as... (3 replies)

... He then put me on 6 months of Lupron to suppress ovarian activity and give them a rest. ... (0 replies)
... I did a lupron cycle and overlapped with Gonal F I had to drop the dosage down to .5ml and was able to mix it in with my gonal you have the ampules? ... (16 replies)
... and today I reduced the Lupron to . ... (2 replies)
... If you are doing the FSH treatment as I am plus and IUI or IVF, one needs to start taking Lupron on the 21st day of the cycle. Then about two weeks or so later you will get your period. ... (6 replies)
... Chirp - Oh, I hope you are pg. With my first pg last year, I took motrin (oops) for the cramps b/c I was so certain it was AF. Next day, tested positive. So, good luck!!!! Stacy, you and I are like spittin' images of each other! I also had fibroids. I tried to get pg for two years b/f I finally had a doctor tell me that this one nasty one had to be removed b/c it was... (28 replies)
... no suppression tho.....i DO ovulate on my own between day 12 and 14....gonal f prescribed to mature the eggs. I have heard that the trigger "finishes" them? ... (1 replies)
... ack. After TTC for about 2 years and lots of pain we finally found a doctor who listend to me, and he was the one who gave me my endo diagnosis. I have been on Lupron for 2 years now, and just recently agreed with my husband to try IVF. ... (16 replies)
... I just ended the BCP and started Lupron. Within my order of meds is Gonal-F, which I chose over Follistim to save some money. Although I heard that Follistim is more effictive?? Could this be true? I just need some other opinions/advice. Our insurance does not cover any of this & my husband is not leading me to believe that we will have the opportunity to try again if... (1 replies)
... F or with Follistim. I do get lurpon headaches, but I'm sure you are not on lupron right? ... (24 replies)
... Hi! I lurk here often. I used gonal-f and repronex and micro-dose lupron. Two successful cycles (DD in 2003 and DD in 2005) Best of luck to you! (6 replies)
... Hope everyone is doing well ... I have been on Lupron for two weeks now and just started my Gonal F injections yesterday. ... (3 replies)
... y last pill of provera and starting to get cramps and feel crabby. So that is usually a sign that AF is on her way. Then hopefully by next week on can start my gonal f. ... (9 replies)
... hows the lupron going? ... (16 replies)
... I had no idea that the Lupron and Gonal F could be mixed! I have been sticking myself with both every day for over a week now! ... (16 replies)
... Well, the IUI certainly explains the lower doses of stim! I didn't realize that some IUI cycles include lupron! Good luck with the u/s on Saturday and please let us know when your IUI is scheduled! And thanks so much for your prayers! (3 replies)
... but as far as I understand, lupron is just the drug that prevents ovulation and doesn't have anything to do with stimulating follicle growth. ... (4 replies)
... Hi... Feeling kind of low now. I had my 1st ultrasound on Wednesday, and my estrogen level was good and I showed eleven follicles, six of which were over 10 mm. Sounded great! But then I had my 2nd ultrasound today. My estrogen was still good, but I only had three follicles at 16mm or higher. My RE offered us a choice with proceeding with the IVF, but recommended just... (3 replies)

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