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... Hi fila! :wave: I did gonal-f (similar to follistim) w/ repronex for IVF and am now doing my progesterone-in-oil shots (done post-egg retrieval). All of these are intra-muscular (IM) for me, but the earlier shots of Lupron were sub-cutaneous (i.e., just under the skin). The sub-q shots were nothing and I did them in my belly. The first round of IM shots (gonal-f &... (9 replies)
Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 21, 2007
... Are you mixing the follistim and repronex or are they separate for you? ... (183 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 17, 2007
... ining" appt, they only wanted me to bring lupron, which I found weird. Guess at my appt on Thurs. they will give me instructions on stimming, since I never used gonal F nor repronex before! I start gonal F on Friday if all goes per my calendar. I'm getting really excited... still not nervous! ... (525 replies)

Summer IVF Girls
Jul 8, 2007
... I have been watching these postings for awhile now. I am starting Lupron probably in early August. I have 4 boys and I am doing ivf with pgd do get a girl. ... (525 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 21, 2007
... AimeeM and KJINKY im so excited you 2 are starting so sooon. one you start lupron things kinda fly by i think. ... (525 replies)
Poor responder
Jan 19, 2007
... maybe there is something going on that can explain why your arent respondign, that your re is missing. after this long, its worth a shot.. anyway, i did gonal and repronex both ivfs, and it worked.. ... (3 replies)
... up" response of FSH and LH release from the woman's own pituitary gland that usually occurs in the first 3 days of Lupron administration. Continuing Lupron for more than 3 days temporarily suppresses the pituitary gland so that it has very low output of FSH and LH. ... (11 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 25, 2007
... Luckily those lupron needles aren't too bad, huh! ... (525 replies)
... Hi Melissa, I just went through IVF in October. The total cost was around $12-13,000. I went out of town for the procedure, so I had to pay for a few scans at home that would have been included in the cost. So I believe I paid $13,000 because of the extra expense. They did offer payment plans, however, I just put it on a credit card. My treatment started with three weeks... (4 replies)
... I'm not doing an IVF cycle, but am in the process of an IUI cycle. Have been on Lupron for a few weeks, just started Gonal F last Thursday, and added Repronex to the mix last night. Hopefully I will make enough mature eggs to get the IUI soon. ... (95 replies)
... OMG Kel, 5 vials of bravelle per day!!! :eek: Are you supplementing the bravelle with any other stim??? Earlier this year I was doing one vial of bravelle a day for ten days leading to two unsuccessful IUI's. I didn't have any trouble with the bravelle, but then again it was just one vial per day! The bravelle cost me $50/vial thru a local apothecary, so sounds like the... (35 replies)
... I had the Repronex in the tush, so I can't help you with thigh issues. ... (57 replies)
... Well, I went in today for my baseline tests and everything is a go. Today was day 4 for Lupron and I'll continue it in the morning and now I'm going to add 2 doses of Bravelle and 1 of Repronex in the evening (thankfully it will only be one shot in the pm). I'll be going back on Monday for my follow up and with luck we'll do the harvest on the 28th or 29th. Any advice on... (57 replies)
... I don't know if Repronex takes the bite out of it. You may want to practice snapping open those vials. ... (5 replies)
Follicle question
Jan 24, 2007
... had all the time in the world for my baseline, was donated meds from a friend, and was actually feeling pretty positive until ultrasound yesterday. I was on the Lupron Flare Protocol with Gonal F and Menopur. I have 3 follicles. One is measuring at 18 and the others are 11 and 12. ... (8 replies)
Poor responder
Jan 19, 2007
... IU Gonal F, and 225 IU Menopur. My FSH last time was somewhere around 8 ish and this time it was 2.9 with E2 of 56. ... (3 replies)
... waiting im sure u will be fine :) i always get worried something is going to go wrong in my cycle, or if i dont "feel something" i assume the meds arent working :) i had us wed and im starting gonal f for the first time tonite and i have an u/s monday morning... dh is glas bc i can do gonal f myself, but he will still have to do the repronex for me :) cubed i cant believe u... (212 replies)
... units once a day. The Gonal F is what wipes my wallet out! ... (5 replies)
... The only side effect I had from the Gonal F was a big bruise. But just the one time. And the Repronex does hurt a bit. I bloated, but that is it. ... (57 replies)
... Hi Jan, I can respect taking a break. I did that after my last miscarriage and again right before the holidays. It really helped to clear my mind and get ready for the roller coaster ride again. We all know how stressful this is! Good luck with the painting. My husband and I did sponge painting in our office, and I almost gave up! What a pain, but it really looked... (23 replies)

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