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Summer IVF Girls
Jun 24, 2007
... Oh my, Lovely, I knew that your chart had been mixed up with another patient of similar name, but I guess I didn't realize it threw off the start of your lupron till July... sorry I missed that! ... (525 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 22, 2007
... Hi Aimee. The repronex went okay this morning, but I got confused on how to draw out the liquid and then I switched the needles at the wrong time... ... (525 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 11, 2007
... o spot then the cramps turn to EXTREME, lol.. but i keep checking, and nothing yet. if not today, i think definitly tomorrow!!! anyways, i will be stimming with gonal f and repronex. ive always responded well so my re hasnt changed the meds. once i get my cycle i will switch from .1 of lupron to .5... ... (525 replies)

... weeks later you may possibly be put on lupron to suppress your ovaries.. ... (2 replies)
... paranoid, a little calmer, just taking it one day at a time.. maybe im just use to the injections.. hopefully i dont have a change of heart once i start with the gonal f and repronex.. ... (29 replies)
... Oh yea and I was on 20 units of Lupron and now I am on 5 units....I know I did that last time but did the rest of your get lowered like that as well? ... (212 replies)
... spice really sorry to hear about ur cancellation! MAYBE U were meant to have a may baby ;) im with ya this time around, i will start lupron july 28 (1 week) then when i get my period then start gonal f and repronex, so my er/et mid-end aug~ keep us posted, and i really hope things work out much better for ya this month!!!! :angel: :angel: :angel: (9 replies)
... Waiting4ababy, My Protocol Acutually Does Not Include Bcp At All!! I Asked The Nurses About This At My Clinic And They Just Told Me Sometimes They Prescribe For Some Patients And Not Others?? Maybe My Age (24-ttc Almost 4yrs- With Dh-28-long Time) Who Knows?? We Are Doing Ivf With Icsi (severe Mf Issues) Well, I Have Mock Transfer 7/29, Then When I Get Af In July (probably... (212 replies)
... well, i spoke with my dr a few days ago and considering i did so good with quitting smoking (as did dh) and i did all the prelimanary stuff in the last 2 mos i can start ivf in my july cycle... i will have mock transfer june 29.. then when i get af in july i go for day 3 u/s and day 20 i start lupron (they dont have me on bcp) then 8-14 days later i should get another af,... (8 replies)
... I started the Lupron yesterday and I've already got the 'loopies'! I'm a little dizzy and light headed. Last time it gave me headaches, but once I started the Repronex and Gonal F the headaches went away. ... (104 replies)
... I had an ultrasound today and everything looked good so I got the "go" to start my Lupron today. ... (104 replies)
... Sharon, You're the first person to tell me that obesity can diminish the amount of eggs produced! My weight was one of the first things I asked my doctors! I AM overweight and recently lost 14 lbs (slowly and naturally), but with more to go. I knew that if I was trying naturally that it would be harder with the extra weight, and I know that the weight is an issue while... (8 replies)
... days after adding the Gonal F and Repronex. ... (57 replies)
... It seems that I'm a slightly different case than most on this board. I've never tried IUI as my family practitioner sent me directly to an IVF facility first! Perhaps because I'm doing this on my own? I'm 41 and have no partner. Perhaps that's why? I don't know. I'm on my 6th day of injections (2 days of just 20 units Lupron 2x day, and on 3rd day I included 150 units... (20 replies)
... Hi there, It sounds like the other posts got out the info on the difference of IVF and ICSI. I'm unsure if there is really a difference, vs. the ICSI being "in addition" to the IVF. We are actually doing this right now. Without sounding too clinical.....In dish #1 we are gonna let the eggs and sperm "find each other". In dish #2, we are doing ICSI, where the sperm is... (4 replies)
... Hoppie, what was your beta?? Let me know!! Lelliot, every cycle is a little different. I started Lupron (suppression drug) on August 14th, started the stims (gonal-f and repronex) on around the 20th, had the ER on the 31st and the transfer on the 3rd of Sept. My ER was moved up because of my response to the stims. Good luck with your cycle! Nina (85 replies)
IVF cycle buddies
Aug 24, 2004
... Cindy, thanks for the great advice. I saw a dietician yesterday to make sure I'm getting all the right nutrition. Staying out of restaurants is a great idea, too. Tracy, I asked about the cream but they didn't know about it. Weird, since my clinic is really successful (people even come from NY to their office in LA because of their success rates) but I was basically... (85 replies)
... S with blood work this morning. I'm on 150 IU Repronex with 0.1cc of Lupron in the a.m. ... (3 replies)
... Yeah, this can all be pretty confusing. I started TTC when I was 29 and didn't get in to a doctor until I was over 30 (I'm in Canada...had to wait 7 mos. for a referral from family doc). I tried 3 IUIs first and I'm sorry I did. I know they work for some people but I feel like I wasted time I could have been spending on IVFs. Then I tried one IVF cycle but was cancelled as... (11 replies)
... foll., the Repronex that my first RE put me on was wrong for me. Switched REs,with BCP first, then lupron and Gonal F. Produced 22 foll. Both protocals are good, just depends on what your RE wants to do in your case. Good luck with your IVF!!! ... (9 replies)

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