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... days. I was wondering if any of you have found that the previous cycle's drugs delayed ovulation or affected your next cycle in any way. DH and I are trying to plan a BD vacation and it would be nice to time it right. ... (3 replies)
... I also ovulate on my own but my doctor would not allow me to do an IUI without drugs. His reason is, it is too difficult to monitor a natural cycle. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Kathy. Thanks for the post. I also got the feeling that he was very conservative. He is very cautious about the multiples possibility. He said that any cycle that could produce more than one would be cancelled. I would be disappointed to have to cancel any cycle but maybe it won't come to that. ... (19 replies)

... IUI cycle last month. Because we were going on vacation I decided to wait this cycle out because I didn't want the hassle of trying to transport injectibles while camping. ... (7 replies)
... We did one round of natural cycle monitoring. It discovered that I had a large cyst in my left ovary in August 2009. ... (0 replies)
... I have never done IUI but I would assume that it works alot like a natural cycle...the sperm can stay inside and survive for up to 5 days, it's the egg that has the short window. ... (13 replies)
... I went through 5 IUI's, none of which hurt in the least. Very easy process and painless. Are you going to be on clomid, or are you going to do a natural cycle? ... (4 replies)
... There are three ways I know of to do IUI. The first is with a "natural" cycle, in which you don't take any medication and time the insemination based on your natural LH surge. ... (7 replies)
... this to work on the first time although I'd try as many times as I needed to and do anything I needed to do to have this baby for us. I start taking my Clomid on cycle day 3 which is 11 days away, then let the games begin ! Is there anyone up here who's gotten pregnant with their first IUI ? ... (3 replies)
IUI over 40
Jun 22, 2010
... I was suppose to start Menupur in April but medicine arrived late, but got BFP with natural cycle though 1 week later I lost it which was the first week of May. ... (10 replies)
... Hi hopeful, huge good luck for Saturday! I am on natural cycle but noticed that my timing coincides with your IUI - I am due to O tomorrow so will be testing 1st November when you should be as Dust to us!!! And buckets of dust to you as well courtney...hopefully you will be leading the way to a run of BFP's :) Hello everyone btw......hope you are all... (14 replies)
... You have a two week wait after IUI to test for pregnancy, IUI really is not different than a natural cycle, the sperm and egg (possible embryo) must travel through the fallopian tube into your uterus and then implant. This process takes time and once implantation occurs, your body has to generate hormones in order to even detect a pregnancy. Good luck! Jayme (1 replies)
... I posted a few days ago about IVF costs and how everyone was paying for it, and now my husband and I are reconsidering IVF for now and thinking about trying IUI with injectibles. We have done a total of 5 IUI's, one with a natural cycle and the others with clomid...all unsuccessful. ... (7 replies)
... Is there a way where they can convert an IVF cycle into an IUI cycle or a natural cycle? ... (30 replies)
First ivf
Sep 10, 2010
... Hey there, I can't say that I remember exactly. I'll try and look back at my notes and see. I had it during one other cycle of IUI I had. ... (77 replies)
... why do i have a heavy period after iui insemination? ... (0 replies)
... Marie, I'm so sorry that the result wasn't what you (and we!) had hoped for! Did you get a beta before your AF came? I think that's probably the only way you'd know for sure if there was an initial fertilization. (My 1st IUI was a chemical pregnancy, which my betas showed -- the first was a low positive result and the second showed my beta even lower). And I would... (3 replies)
May 18, 2008
... Is it about the same as a natural cycle? ... (5 replies)
... Today, i did what i said i would not do this time, i brought a EPT, now i'm sitting here looking at it like its a two headed snake. I thought my cycle would come early since i 'O' early, but it will be 14 days since 'O' on Monday. ... (18 replies)
... before, really thought it was implantation spotting but af came lot of heavy bleeding and clots. I was out of town on business when af came so can't do another cycle this month. Should I tell my doc, is there anything I can do to increase chances of pg with a natural cycle? ... (3 replies)

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