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... My question is has anyone had a negative HPT and still had a good BETA count? ... (35 replies)
... Jessica: Thank you for your response I am trying to keep positive. Reading these boards have given me a lot of great infomration to know I am not the only one going through this. We waited so long because we were very scared to go through another cycle because I got very sick from my first cycle of IVF and was in serious condition on the hosiptal for 2 weeks. RE said... (35 replies)
... behold the person was positive. In fact, one person on the boards was prego with twins and took an HPT that came out negative, had her beta that confirmed she was indeed prego. She went home and took two more HPTs and they both still said negative. Go figure! ... (35 replies)

... such high beta numbers.I had an HCG of 420.I was in shock speechless shacking I just couldent believe it.So that afternoon DH and I deceided to go out and get an HPT for me to take finally we would get a positive HPT and put in our scrapbook.Well the HPT came out negitive so I said I cant believe it they got my beta mixed up. ... (35 replies)
... Jessica is absolutely right, you really can't go by those HPT's you need to wait for your Beta. It happens often that the HPTS don't pick up the HCG. My HPT was a positive, and it was so faint that I missed it at first, and it took longer than the 3 minute wait. I have also read on these boards about false negatives. ... (35 replies)
... What great, great news!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the beta on Friday confirms what the HPT said. And I agree with what Mady thinks, if it's already showing up on the stick maybe there is more than one in there! ... (35 replies)
... UPDATE.......... I couldn't wait so I took a HPT this morning and got.........BFP!!!!!. I hope that everything stays good and the BETA numbers are good on Friday! ... (35 replies)
... Eva, thank you SO MUCH for your story and congrats!!!!!! It really does give me hope. I should not have taken the hpt beacuse it has just been driving me crazy. ... (35 replies)
... :)Haven't been on the board in a while and just wanted to give an update. We have decided to do another frozen transfer right away. We will be doing the transfer on 12/20 We have unthawed three and hope to get one to transfer. They will call on friday to let me know how they did. Will be entering the 2WW soon. LETS HOPE! (35 replies)
... well it is totally up to you and only you if you want to take a test, but 12 days post iui the trigger shot is OUT of your system.. ... (11 replies)
... I know what you are feeling. I have been having the same thoughts. I am so worried that something will go wrong, miscarriage, ectopic, unhealthy, etc. and I have had to wait so long for my second BETA that it makes me really nervous. It is weird because I have had very little symptoms of being pregnant and I rememebr the first time I got pregnaat in 2005 I had a lot of... (35 replies)
... Yeah, tomorrow is D-Day. I'm a bit nervous...strange huh. I'm nervous that they are going to find that something went wrong and the pregnancy ended, they see something abnormal, etc. Another thing I'm worried about is finding out how many. First and foremost I want healthy baby(ies) but I really want twins. I just do not want to go through this again. I'm worried that... (35 replies)
... If you count the day of the transfer then the BETS was on day 14. Jess, your ultrasound is tomorrow correct? I wish you the bets of luck! Tammy (35 replies)
... I was 611 on day 15 and everyone was saying how hight that was. Was your beta on day 14? It's not impossible that the embryo split and identical twins are a brewing...... (35 replies)
... I guess they like ot do them one week apart instead of having to do mutiple BETA's. After a week they can get a good picture of what is gong on. Then about 1 1/2 weeks after that I will have ultrasound. Can't wait. I should only have one in there, we only transfered one embryo. Is 540 for the first BETA high? Tammy (35 replies)
... Tammy, Congrats! That is such wonderful news! Like Mandy, I love seeing such positive results as I am currently preparing for oru first round of IVF! We start our injections on Wednesday and it is so exciting to think that I could possibly have a BFP over the course of the next few weeks.....of course daunting that if could result in a BFN as well, but I try to tell myself... (35 replies)
... Hi Tammy, Congratulations, what wonderful news! Out of curiosity...why aren't they having you repeat the Beta two days later? Almost all practices that I've heard about want to see the "doubling rate." You may want to ask the nurse or RE about that. 1/9 will be here before you know it! Do you think you may have more than one "brewing?" Congrats Again! Jessica (35 replies)
... OMG!!!! This is soooo sweet... I am so encouraged and soooo happy for you... Please keep us informed I am so anxious to hear your progress and numbers... I will start IVF this month and stories like this makes me know I am making the right decision and gives me a positive attitude about entering this stressful time.... Thank you soooo much for sharing Mandy (35 replies)
... The doctors office just called me and my first BETA was 540!!!!!! They said everything looks good. I can't believe it. I don't go for the second BETA until 1/9. I am sooooo excited!!! Thank you everyone for all your support and encouraging words!! Tammy (35 replies)
... Very curious!!! I saw that you was getting your BETA done today and was wondering what your numbers are? I know you dont know me! My name is Mandy and I have not been on the boards in several years. I just read your story and was wondering how everything was going. I am starting IVF this month... My fingers are crossed for you.... Mandy (35 replies)

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