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... On day 5 we were able to transfer 2 of 7 good blastocysts. ... (0 replies)
Jan 30, 2003
... My dh and I are going through IVF. I had my embryo transfer last Saturday. They transfered 3 eggs. We also had ICSI done due to my husband's low count. I have been diagnosed with mild endometriosis. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to make sure I didn't have any hyperstimulation. ... (5 replies)
Sad day
Feb 6, 2003
... I wish I had some good news to report but I just found out today that our first ivf did not work. I am extremely disappointed considering I have no embryos to freeze. I had 9 that fertilized but the embryologist said that they could not freeze them. I am very upset but we'll just have to try again. ... (8 replies)

IVF girls
Mar 17, 2007
... It was such a long morning. Both of my accupunture appointments were WONDERFUL! I feel asleep both times. My RE was running very late so I finally said I had to go the bathroom, I thought I was going to pee my pants. So they let me go and said to chug water again. So I did. ... (227 replies)
May/June Cycles
May 21, 2008
... Mady, i know it's upsetting about such a low number. My thought was always that i wanted as many as possible so that we could have some embryos to freeze. Keep in mind, 5 is still a VERY good number. If they are all good quality, then no worries! ... (77 replies)
... you may be interested to know, we are actually in line to adopt as well. No referral yet, but we ultiamtely decided to try IVF again while we're in line. It was a controversal decision, yet today it feels like we made the right call. ... (8 replies)
... that is a good point. no one really told me that they would not progress to day 5 blastocyst either. It seemed so matter of fact in the RE consult, with the nurses, with the embryologist. "On Day 5 we'll transfer the two best blasts. ... (27 replies)
... its killing me!!! everytime i get a good report of how my eggs then my embryos are doing i get excited, but now i hope they divide and do well and live to make it to the transfer, and that the rest live to freeze!!! ... (212 replies)
... I've only done the IVF once, and unfortunatley I had no embyos to freeze. I'l be going through the whole process again. ... (6 replies)
... ICSI twice this year. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to take it one day at a time. Try to be patient and know that it takes a bit of effort to get through an IVF cycle. ... (23 replies)
Sad today
Jan 1, 2003
... our IVF didn't work last week and I think today is the first day I've really come out of it. Knowing that you have to move on and keep trying vs. actually being able to do it after being so devastated is so hard. ... (14 replies)
... I hope somebody has an answer to help me out. ... (10 replies)
... lly helped!!! I totally agree with your points on the hpts. The only thing is I have taken it one step further...I started testing 3 days after my trigger shot to see when it would be out of my system and by 4 days post trigger, the tests were all negative. ... (6 replies)
... started with 7 fertilized embryos. One of them "fractured" This happens sometimes for a multitude of reasons ranging from the technical proficiency of the staff to the initial condition of the egg. If this happens to you ask what happened. ... (3 replies)
... They start with the blood work only because the follicles are too small at that point to bother, but the blood level can confirm that you are responding. ... (20 replies)
Jan 3, 2009
... per procedure after that until all frozen embryos were used. This option did not offer any sort of guarantee or refund in the event that we did not get a BFP. ... (27 replies)
... I know I'm jumping the gun here, we haven't even started our IVF cycle yet. We have no idea if we will have extra embryos or not, but I'm trying to be prepared for as much of the financial aspects as I can. Those of you who have frozen and stored embryos... ... (8 replies)
Free IVF dilemma
Dec 13, 2007
... So in my mind I had already decided to not do this IVF. Then today I was talking with one of my friends and she gave me a great idea. ... (31 replies)
... We went to the RE and did the HSG and my tubes weren't blocked. ... (40 replies)
... timulation Syndrome or OHSS. Not fun. This is when your ovaries produce so many follicales that after your ER the fluid that is in the rest of the follicales has no where else to go but in your abdomen. ... (22 replies)

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