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... My wife and I just got news that my sperm morphology is 1% normal using strict methods. All other counts where considered excellent though. I will be seeing a urologist in 2 weeks and will repeat the sa to get a second opinion. We where pretty much told that our only option would be IVF and ICSI. My question is, since this procedure is fairly new does anyone know of... (4 replies)
... My DH had a very similar problem. I'm not sure exactly what the percent was, but he had a morphology problem. We underwent IVF with ICSI. I am currently 10 weeks pg. with twins!!! ... (4 replies)
Sperm morphology?
Feb 16, 2003
... My husband and I have tried to have a baby for over a year now. We finally had his sperm tested. The results came back and the Dr said that the heads of his sperm aren't normal, meaning they can't "bash through" to my egg. She referred us to an infertility clinic and we're waiting for the appointment date. ... (5 replies)

... I still have some tests outstanding, but I'm wondering about the possibility of us conceiving naturally, considering his lack of normal sperm shape. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for all of your replies.... My wife is 33 and as far as we are told no other issues exist....just the morphology issue which is concerning (chromosome abnormalities and such). I was wondering when genetic testing comes into play, so I guess they can do that during the fertilization process. (4 replies)
... Peart, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I wouldn't say that ICSI is a new, it has been around for over 10 years. There are many women here who have done IVF with ICSI (myself included) and many have gotten pregnant by the procedure. There are definitely conflicting reports on whether or not there is an increase in birth defects on ICSI babies. That being said, there... (4 replies)
... and my daughter is a healthy, normal 13 month old. ... (4 replies)
Aug 5, 2003
... looking sperm has an oval head and a tail seven to 15 times longer than the head. ... (4 replies)
Sperm testing???
Aug 15, 2002
... Sperm count. This is a count of the number of sperm present per milliliter of semen in one ejaculation. ... (1 replies)
Sperm morphology?
Feb 16, 2003
... on clomid 100mg...... Most of our difficulty is my dh sperm ct..being on low side.......too........ ... (5 replies)
Sperm morphology?
Feb 17, 2003
... Hi there. I thought I would mention that if the morphology is not normal that does not mean that you will have defective children. The morphology basically refers to the shape of the heads and tails. If the shape is not "normal" than you cannot get pregnant, so don't worry about that. ... (5 replies)
... my hubby's 1st sperm test showed bad morphology (4% normal) but good count and mobility. my gyn sent us to do a 2nd test, where the morphology turned out geart (30% or so). my gyn said that sometimes light fever can influence the results. and above all - it still does not mean that pregnancy will not be possible (remember you need only 1 good sprem to do the job). so do... (6 replies)
Low sperm count
Oct 5, 2005
... Ok the drs office called. His sperm count is 20 million which is low in the gray area. ... (3 replies)
Sperm Count
Dec 21, 2006
... law just told her last month that he couldn't conceive with his new wife and he went in and he has no sperm whatsoever so I'm trying to calm her nerves. ... (11 replies)
Poor Hubby
Aug 17, 2003
... but believe you me, results can and do change every 3 months when the sperm regenerate themselves. ... (3 replies)
Sperm morphology?
Feb 18, 2003
... A. The only info. filled out is the morphology part. ... (3 replies)
... Just wanted to update you that 4 weeks after changing from briefs to boxers, my husband's normal shape increased from 6% to 15%. Anything over 14% is considered normal. This is great news, but I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that the last 7 months may have been a wasted effort. Since I just got my period again over the weekend, I have to decide if I want to... (6 replies)
... is "normal shape" the same thing as when a SA paper says "normal head"? (6 replies)
Feb 22, 2002
... A man should abstain from ejaculation for several days before the test because each ejaculation can reduce the number of sperm by as much as a third. ... (3 replies)
... cookiemunster65 my DH has a low sperm count an all but it has been getting lots better since he started taking this stuff. On that fertilaid doesn't seem to do good. At least it didn't for us. ... (1 replies)

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