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... his. I already feel like family. Feel free to read my TTC story. I posted it earlier today. Anyways, my fertility specialist suggested we try the Clomid with Novarel Injections. ... (8 replies)
... I hope things are going great for everyone. I am starting to get nervous. I will be starting the Clomid and Novarel in the next week or so, depending on my cycle. I am really nervous because I don't really know what to expect. ... (8 replies)
... I have not been diagnosed with PCOS. For some reason I only ovualte when I'm taking clomid with the Metformin. Today is my second ultra sound and we find out if we are still a go for Wednesday for IUI!! (8 replies)

... That's what is great about his board. We have similar situations, and we can all relate to the pain involved in trying to conceive. I should be starting the Clomid my next cycle, they will advise me on when to get the Novarel. I will not be doing the IUI, they are going to let us try. So far, for me, the issue hasn't been getting pregnant, it's keeping the hormone levels... (8 replies)
... I think that's what the Novarel is correct? ... (8 replies)
... Good luck, babywish! I like your name, it fits us all! I hope the medicine your RE is putting you on this time works for you. I am doing Clomid and Novarel injections, and I will be going for my US and trigger on the same day as you. ... (28 replies)
Any advice??
Oct 17, 2006
... preg test was neg again, and no AF. My nurse said I should start AF by this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed! I am really anxious to start the Clomid and Novarel injections, esp since I know it's not great for cysts, and I had one burst a few weeks ago, so maybe it will be awhile before I have more. ... (6 replies)
... Everything went fine yesterday. I have an egg on each side and my lining looks good. I took the shot last night and we go in tomorrow for an IUI. Thanks ICARE for your well wishes. Please keep us updated on your progress as well! (8 replies)
... I hope today went well for you. I understand your excitement/anxiety. It looks like I will be starting the Clomid my next cycle, wheneve that will be-in about a month or so. I just stopped bleeding, which I have been doing now for 2 weeks straight, so my Dr. wants to see about next month. My husband and I have decided to go for it. Let me know how you do. :angel: (8 replies)
... Hey icare- It looks like we are in the same boat. I just finished my clomid and on Monday I will go in for my second ultrasound. Then,I will be instructed when to take the HCG shot and hopefully on the 20th I will do the IUI. This is my first round, but so far I've had no side effects from the clomid. BTW, I am also taking metformin. Alison (8 replies)
... Thank you for your reply. I am just very scared. I have lost 2 already, and I am not sure what I can handle. What scares me, is that I always have ovarian cysts, and when I get pregnant, they seem to grow. After I miscarried this last time, it went down in size on it's own. And when I had my uterine resection, the doctor scraped off what cysts he could. So, anyways,... (8 replies)
TTC Stats
Sep 13, 2006
... x. So, I got pregant again, but this time, I miscarried. My hormone levels plummeted even with the added progesterone. So, now my Dr. wants to try Clomid with Novarel injections. This has gone on over the past few years, and I am very scared. I have had so many up and down days, and I am just excited to find a support group. ... (68 replies)
... coverage on fertility meds a lifetime. I have gone through 2 cycles with Comid, Novarel and Follistim and got PG my second cycle but ended with an ectopic pregnancy. ... (4 replies)
Nov 4, 2006
... I was just wondering.....I have heard so many things about people like us who are getting injections, taking pills, etc and have terrible moodiness. I, myself, am on Clomid and Novarel (hcg) injections. I have had other issues, but this is my first month on this. I feel better than I have ever felt. Is that normal? I mean, I know my hormones were nuts before, and even my... (8 replies)
... April, So....did AF come visit? Have you had your US yet? My left tube is blocked so I know how you feel about feeling like you only have one ovary that is working for you. Even if my left ovary does it's job it doesn't matter because the little guys can't get to it!! Which drugs aren't I using is a better question...hahaha. I have 9 meds. 4 are injectibles and the... (45 replies)
Dec 3, 2006
... Hi ladies! I was just wondering......I am on Clomid and Novarel (hcg) injections. This is my round #2 with them. I have been getting really bad headaches the last few days. I didn't get them last month, but I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with this? I am currently on cd17, 5dp trigger. The sucky part is that I can only take Tylenol. (my RE told me this) ... (6 replies)
Any advice??
Oct 15, 2006
... I am stressed out. My story is under TTC stats, so I will skip that. My dilemma is this.....I am supposed to be starting Clomid and Novarel (hcg) injections. As you know, I have to wait for AF. Well, I am 14 days late. But, I have been dx w/ PCOS to top it off with the other probs I listed in TTC stats. I have been regulated with BC, but this is the longest I have went... (6 replies)

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