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... Hi Girls! I have a question about the number of mature follicles. This month was my 1st month that I responded pretty well to the clomid and we had two follicles yesterday one on the right at 17.5 and one on the left at 18. I triggered with ovidrel last night. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you Cris, Pugpup, & Sharon. Good Luck - I hope this cycle works out for all of us! Wow Sharon that is a lot of follicles- what size were they if you don't mind me asking? I only ask bc I have found ovulation to be semi painful once one follicle is mature - I couldn't imagine 40! Hope everything works out for you this cycle! (6 replies)
... Two are better than one, but this doesn't hold trus as you get into higher numbers. My last IVF cycle I had 40 (yes forty) follicles. At the pick up, when he was already starting retrieving my doctor says (from between my legs) "well this many folicles actually isn't good, the egg quality deteriorates" and even with sedation I replied "thanks, it's not like I can put some back... (6 replies)

... Hi Puppylove, I am pretty sure that 2 follicles will give you a better chance (that's why I am using injectables with my IUIs) and yes, it's a possibility you may have twins! Exciting isn't it? I'm not sure if both will definately release, but I think they will. Good luck! Lizzie (6 replies)
... How to increase the number of follicles (0 replies)
... How exciting! I hope this is the month for you! :) Please keep us posted! (6 replies)
... It is like Lizzie said the more follicies the better the chance of concieving. I too use the injections followed with an IUI just this past Monday. I had two as well one on my right and one on my left. As far as having multiples that definitely increases as well. I wish you lots of ********BABY DUST******* your way. Good-Luck and keep us updated. (6 replies)
... Thanks Lizzie! I am just so excited for this cycle. This month I am ovulating on cd 16 instead of cd 20 or 18. So im hoping that the earlier ovulation means the eggs will be better quality. I know I wouldn't mind having twins but I think it would be a shocker for dh! Although, my MIL did say she thought we would be ones to have twins- and she doesn't even know were doing... (6 replies)
... They control the cycle completely so that they can get more tahn one mature follicle to increase chances and to make sure they can time the IUI correctly. ... (6 replies)
... my number of follicles would really increase. ... (8 replies)
... ur eggs fertilized. They said that this is very uncommon and they don't know why it happens. They recommended that we try again with higher levels of GonalF to increase the number of follicles, followed by ICSI. I worry that even with ICSI we may not have success. ... (4 replies)
... Do you guys BD before and after the IUI to increase your chances? ... (26 replies)
... Hi Anne, about the number and sizes of follicles , my DR said that it depends on the Estrogen level and the nurse once told me that 3 follicles from 16 to 18 + high Estorgen will increase the chance , but I think the most important is what the DR said is the Estrogen level YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS MY DEAR KEEP US UPDATED (7 replies)
Cysts on ovaries
May 21, 2003
... can be minimized by taking metformin with a meal and starting with a low dose. I recommend that our patients start with one 500 mg pill daily the first week and increase to twice a day during the second week. If after the second week GI side effects are minimal, the dose is increased to 850 mg twice daily. ... (9 replies)
Sep 8, 2009
... My wise is having problem in conceiving due to follicle deficiency. What shoud she do to increase the number of follicles so that we could have baby? ... (0 replies)
... i ovulated without medications. we are more on the unexplained side. my hubby's sperm is sometime below average. also my uterus lining is sometimes too thin, and the Clomid made it worse (a known fact, actually). we were trying IUI, so i took medications to improove my chnces (increase number of follicles). we're now moving on to IVF, after 4 failed IUI's. (11 replies)
... they usualy give you some kind of FSH TO increase the number of follicles you have .i've done my first IUI with 50 mg Clomid, and the 2nd and 3 rd with injectables. but it is really up to the treatment protocol your RE gives you. ... (1 replies)

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