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... Sinoy-sorry about the BFN, but very cool about the next IUI!!! Praying for you!! I have a little bit of news.....I got my BFP on Father's Day....we couldn't believe it since we've been ttc 7 years....went in on Monday, 6/21, and beta was 32.1 "Pregnant"; went in Wednesday, 6/23, beta 59.9 So, it's a lower reading, but at least it is doubling within 48/72 hrs. We are in shock... (14 replies)
... You need to wait at least ten days from your trigger (hcg) shot. It will give you a false positive if done early. At that point you could test but it then could be too early and you could get a false negative. I know...real helpful. The doctor says two weeks and that is what you basically need to wait but that 2ww is a drag! Good luck and keep positive! (2 replies)
... i did iui 4 days ago, the dr told me to test 2 weeks, of couse couldnt wait i tested today with a urine test, came out positive, first the second line was very light but got a lil bit heavier....does that mean i'm pregnant?? or the injections could mislead? (2 replies)

... Hi, I'm new to this site and I'm happy I found it. This is my delema. I did a cycle of IUI on the 26th of May and my RE told me to take a hpt on day 18. Well, I couldn't wait that long so I decided to take a test on Monday and it cam back positive. ... (1 replies)
... 13 days post iui already took hpt on day 11 piui does this mean im not pregnant (0 replies)
... chance each cycle of course it seems like all my friends got pregnant after trying one time! ... (46 replies)
... showed up for the second IUI that didn't work.... no insurance coverage, of course. ... (45 replies)
... hi , i want u to make sure that it is easy ,i tried it the last month , it was my first time too , i`m taking shots to make me ovulate (Gonalf) and the shots of releasing the egg called(profasi)and i do ovulate but i didn`t get pregnant , after 42 hours from the profasi shot i went to make the IUI but i did it once only not like u ,u will gonna do it two days , my doctor this... (7 replies)
I'm Pregnant
May 14, 2007
... OMG ladies, DH just came to my work with a bouquet of flowers and told me I was pregnant. After 9 IUI's it finally worked. I cannot believe it because this was our worst cycle ever. We never thougt that it would happen this month. ... (45 replies)
... I hope you get the results that you are looking for. My doctor says if you don't get pregnant after trying the clomid for three months straight, then most likely this method is not for you. ... (6 replies)
... d I have a friend who can't have a child on her own. I wanted to give her some of my eggs since hers are not working and that is her only option. However I got pregnant after doing IUI. ... (8 replies)
... years old. I had a DD at the age of 40 naturally and on the first try. I went on thinking I was above the odds. Now after 9 months of trying I did injectable drugs and IUI. I did get pregnant, but I am 7 weeks and Doc did not see the heart beat. ... (1 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 23, 2004
... e much more than a minute to register "pregnant". It's so nice to see those words. When I removed the strip the lines where as blue as can be. Surely, 16 days after taking the Pregnyl, there wouldn't be enough hcg to make the lines that dark. I have my hopes so high. ... (20 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 21, 2004
... nd 4 days before I go for bpt. Well, there were two lines, one was very light though. I'm worried now that it could be a false positive. Maybe it was too soon after the pregnyl injection. I should have taken stacy's advice yesterday. She said if I took it than I would probably worry even more. ... (20 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 20, 2004
... Thanks for your responses. Last Saturday and Sunday I did have a lot of discomfort. I just kept praying that everything wound be okay. I was so afraid of having OHSS. My doctor made that sound so bad. I was going to call him on Monday morning but when I woke up all the discomfort was gone. Its now Saturday again. My husband keeps asking me if I feel pregnant. When do... (20 replies)
... I also got pregnant after an HCG shot! I had an IUI about 12 hours after the shot. However, that entire day I could feel myself ovulating. Good Luck! ... (2 replies)
... Or, if you start testing and get positives day after day and they get stronger, you may just be pregnant. ... (4 replies)
... Just wanted to let everyone know that I found out Friday June 30 that I am pregnant after ttc for almost 2 years and DH has low sperm count. I went Wednesday and had blood work and my level was at 89 and the dr was very pleased. ... (18 replies)
2WW after IUI
Nov 21, 2004
... u. My doc was going to take me early but I live far away and couldn't make it in time. I am sooo excited for you, I hope this is your month! It was the 15th day after my hcg shot and my nurse did say that she believed it would be out of my system by then and she was optomistic. So I would say you can be optomistic too. ... (20 replies)
Cramps after iui
Jun 25, 2012
... I had 2ww cramping, both when I was AND wasn't pregnant. Did you have a 14 day LP (at least) last time you took meds? If not, I would ask for progesterone suppositories, if you're not already on them. It gave me the peace of mind knowing I wasn't going to see blood every time I ran to the loo! Of course, some women get some spotting from the progesterone and also cramping, so... (1 replies)

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