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... Have a question, for those of you that are going through IVF, how long do you have to take the Progesterone Shots? ... (18 replies)
... sore from the injection! I wish I could help, but I truly don't know anything about the progesterone shots. I hope that others here will be able to give you some advice so that this won't happen with the future injections! ... (13 replies)
... The dreaded PIO shots! yikes! It WAS me that had a suggestion. My IUI and first IVF cycle i used progesterone is sesame oil. very thick. the second IVF cycle i used progesterone in ethyl oleate. it was thinner and i was able to use a smaller gauge needle with it. ... (13 replies)

... PIO shots for 10 more weeks. I'm also on progesterone suppositories for the same period. ... (18 replies)
... The embryo needs the progesterone until the placenta takes over. ... (18 replies)
... hubby would pick the injection site while I was standing and mark it with a pen. Once you lay down the tissue moves. I found that laying on my stomach made the shots easier. Standing causes the muscles to contract and the shot does not go in as well. Make sure it goes into the fatty upper outer quadrant of the butt. ... (2 replies)
... but i think that may be for women who are conceiving naturally and are producing enough of their own their own progesterone.. because of ivf, i think we need the progesterone to hold the pregnancy, am i making sense? ... (18 replies)
... you have been a great help. I will email my nurse and ask why they don't give me the progesterone in pills.. we'll see what they say. I also read on a post that there are progesterone supositories. ... (18 replies)
... I would definatley talk to a doctor and see what they said, but I'm currently taking progesterone shots and I'm 8wk pg. ... (6 replies)
... to make them. She said that pills and suppositories are more supplemental, while shots are more replacement... ... (18 replies)
... Hi Kari, I am so sorry that you are upset. But I think you will be just fine my dear. The estrogen is supposed to help your lining and the progesterone is supposed to help relax your uterus to get your body ready for pregnancy. ... (19 replies)
... Question. In our past cycles, my wife has used the progesterone suppositories. This cycle, we're planning to do the IM shots. We've heard it is painful, and my wife's a bit nervous. ... (2 replies)
... Guys, I am kind of concerned. I found on the Internet that Progesterone aren't good for pregnant women, have you heard something about it? ... (18 replies)
... we've been through 4 IVF's and one frozen and the shots get old! Keep focused on the end results, it helps. ... (2 replies)
... But for us, they take all of our follicles in the ER so we have to supplement. If someone who conceived naturally took progesterone supplements, it would be too much for their system. ... (18 replies)
... ed up with a positive pg test even though I bled 1 week after procedure. This time when I try a frozen embryo cycle I will be on estrace to build lining and then progesterone shots and cream. I am determined to see that this works. ... (6 replies)
... Okay guys I know we've had this discussion before but I am in need of serious help. So DH gave me my first progesterone injection this morning. ... (13 replies)
... oh yeah...there is a new progesterone injection med... ... (18 replies)
... sounds painful :P i kno a lot of women on this baord are on pio, this is my 1st ivf and my dr just gave me progesterone capsules (a pill) i hope its enough to do the job!! if it is i will be so thankful bc those inejctions do not sound fun.. sorry i couldnt be any help, but i read this and was thankful this time around i dont have them... gooooodd luck!!!! (18 replies)
... How were u able to schedule progesterone shots? ... (6 replies)

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