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IUI info?
Aug 15, 2006
... ravaemarie - thanks so much for your reply - an answer of NO to any scan or injections - just a positive OPK then the IUI the following morning. Based on the OPK alone, I am now 12 DPO, but because of my assumed ovulation symptoms (pains, alot of EWCM) I think my Ov happened a few days after the IUI. I did start taking progestrone tabs the day of the IUI - first time to take... (12 replies)
... Spiderlamp Thanks for the encouraging information! I feel pretty much normal except my breasts have been sore since a day before my trigger shot and of course my ovaries have been a little sore but not as much as I would have thougt. From what I have read inplantation can occure from 6-10 days after iui so our embies should be diggin in anytime now!!!! My doc has me on... (17 replies)
... Hi all, I am new to this forum and would first like to say hi to everyone. My story is that I am 28, happily married, and have been unable to get pregnant in 1.5 years. My gyno tried the progestrone pills and clomid; however, I still did not ovulate so he sent me to a fertility specialist. The fertility specialist automatically stated that I had PCOS, sent my husband to... (13 replies)

Jun 22, 2006
... Last month i was given progestrone tabs....... ... (5 replies)
... Hi! My doctor prescribed me Progestrone tablets to bring on my period (Prometrium) so that I can begin taking my 2cd round of Clomid ( I am currently on cd 46) He gave my 5 tablets and told me to start taking them Sunday June 18th. He told me if I didnt start after that to call him and we would have to take another course of action. My question is how long after my last... (2 replies)
Need Advice Please
Apr 30, 2006
... ying for a year and a half to get pregnant so two months ago i said id face the problem and went to see my doctor who has sent me for a number of tests ie.21 day progestrone test result 29 and semen analysis and a HSG which i did a few days ago. When the doctor did the HSG he told me one of my fallopian tubes is blocked. ... (6 replies)
... eice of plastic wrap over it or a bandage of some kind... let it sit for about 30 minutes or longer. It will total numb up! its great. I've been using it for my Progestrone injection with IVF. I have to do them EVERY night. It's a saving grace because i'm a huge baby. good luck. hopefully you won't need them! ... (8 replies)
... Thanks so much for your support! Here's my story: This was my first IUI. I had clomid 100 mg and Follistim (75 ml), as well as an HCG trigger. Two days before the IUI, I had 2-3 mature follicles (19mm, 17.5mm and 15.5mm)...the others were too small to count. The washed sperm count for the iUI was 30 million. My day 21 progesterone was 55.5. I had spotting 3.5 days... (42 replies)
... I am new to posting, but I have been reading all your postings over the last couple of weeks. I am on my 4th round of IUI, with clomid and progestrone supplements. ... (2 replies)
... for a progestrone level check at the Dr. ... (47 replies)
... (12 replies)
... Yeah girl! I am from St. Louis. and I am 26 will be 27 on July 6th. you know I have to admitt it is great to have some one to talk to. Man it sounds like your progestrone levels are good. See mine are on the low size. but from what I know when you are pregnant I believe they raise too. don't quote me on that one. ha..ha! ... (53 replies)
... Well today was cd21 so I went for them to draw blood for the progestrone test and I asked the nurse, If they did it to see if I ovulated, and she said Yes, and to see if they have the dosage right or if they need to up it. ... (12 replies)
... from my OBGYN this time and with the RX that was mailed to me was a description of how to take it and to come to the office for them to check my progestrone levels on cd 21. Is this common, I didn't have this done last time and didn't know if it was just because the Dr. ... (12 replies)
... I finally finished all the diagnostics and my RE says my progestrone levels are low. I just took my first round of Clomid 50mg which I'm taking for 3 months. ... (45 replies)
... I am on clomid cause of low progestrone and at least one month a year I don't ovulate! ... (2 replies)
... y good. 1 a little slow and I think I will loose 3. However, they still say that it is good.. I guess we well see. I am in alot of pain because I put my first progestrone and oil shot in my thigh Friday and I guess that wasn't a good idea. ... (17 replies)
... Hey Waiting for One I know how you feel! I am now on my 2ww my Af should comes around the 12-15 some times! so we are right about the same! MY Hubby and I have been TTC for 2 years now with no sucess! I have low progestrone! So I am now on My 2nd Round of Clomid! I hope that it helps but can't give up hope! I know it is hard! I have been there and still am the 2ww are the... (14 replies)
... Well, today is 11/14 and I wanted to update my post. I get a lot of information by reading other people's posts and I hate it when the post isn't updated and you're left wondering if the symptoms someone listed were indeed pregnancy symptoms or just a late AF. So...I am not pregnant, sigh, so all of the symptoms I had were just signs of PMS. I am in the same boat AGAIN,... (6 replies)
New-need help
Nov 10, 2004
... Sadend, Okay-I will do that. My DH has been bugging me to "do something" about this. I have to have my pap smear redone because my MW messed it up-didn't get enough cells. So, after I have that done and I retest-again-to make sure by some miracle I am not pregnant, then I will go see an RE. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again! :D Denise (6 replies)

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