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... my progestrone level was about 113 and my estrogen level was about 414. ... (7 replies)
... I know you was on follistim but can you tell me what CD you started and how much you took. Also did you take progestrone after your IUI ? ... (4 replies)
... can't wait till next week . My doctor is going to put me on progestrone pills after my insemination. ... (13 replies)

... I took progestrone after my IUI that is suppose to help with the CM thickness . ... (14 replies)
... ake a blood test. I took a home test but it should neg. but my blood test was positive. Stay off your feet and relax it helps the blood flow and helps with you progestrone level. ... (6 replies)
... xrayann & teener.., I have tried clomid for over 10 cycle ( when i was first trying about 4 years ago) The clomid was good and bad for me. - It did help in givin me multiple and big follicles but when it came down to my mem. linning it thinned it out - and ofcouse it is very important to have a think linning for the egg or eggs can attach and stay attached for... (11 replies)
Just a ?
Feb 26, 2003
... According to my gyn... he says why bother with BBT if you can just do a progestrone test (during the midluteal phase)? He says your progesterone level will indicate if you have ovulated. (11 replies)
Dec 28, 2002
... other than my husbands count being low and slow. I am not ovulating so I will have to use fertitliy drugs also not making enough progestrone because my lining was also too thin and in my HSG they found a uterine polyp. So I feel like every test I took went wrong. ... (8 replies)
... a day during my two week wait... I can't remember the name of the cream. I also may have a progestrone suppository too... not sure about that yet. I have another appt. ... (8 replies)
Oct 15, 2002
... Well it's been 5 days since you posted this question so maybe you already had a pregnancy test. But progesterone levels don't indicate success or failure. If they're above 10 you know for sure ovulation occured. They need to be above 20 to sustain pregnancy so at least you know if you were pregnant you wouldn't miscarry because of that. And progesterone levels can fluctuate... (1 replies)
Sep 30, 2002
... Actually the clomid does work for me my last progestrone test was 38.1. They told me that was really good. ... (4 replies)
Progestrone Test
Aug 15, 2002
... I am starting to take clomid 50mg next cycle,on CD5-9, as I had low progesterone as well, a low score of 7! ------------------ Angela(23) Richard(29) hubbie Married March 5, 2001 Wishing for a 2003 baby!

(5 replies)

Progestrone Test
Aug 15, 2002
... Naturally, meaning no drugs, it should be over a 10....with fertility drugs, over 20 ------------------ Angela(23) Richard(29) hubbie Married March 5, 2001 Wishing for a 2003 baby! (5 replies)
Progestrone Test
Aug 14, 2002
... Jenny- Progesterone should be at least 15. 23 is great! I am currently on supplenment to raise my level because it was only 9.4 on Monday. (5 replies)
Aug 14, 2002
... it always made me late so I am thinking anytime between friday and monday. I went to get my progestrone checked on the 12 and got the results back today and they were 23.0 which I guess is pretty good but I don't really understand any of that stuff. ... (22 replies)
... I have been lurking here for awhile but have not introduced myself. Let me try to do so quickly so I can get to my current concern. I am 29, I have mild endo, pcos, have had several ovarian cysts removed with lap. HSG showed 1 tube blocked. DH has low count. You name it we have it. We have been ttc for almost 4 years. After lap in january and hsg in march we decided to try... (1 replies)
... Anyone who's used the progestrone cream etc. ... (3 replies)
... My name is Vicki and it has been a long time since we did the progestrone shots. I really didn't have much pain, but I do recall that the nurse who taught us told us to pinch the area together tight before entering the needle. ... (2 replies)

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