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... I don't know if its the progestrone or not but one minute I want to cry and the next minute I could just knock someone's head off. ... (9 replies)
2ww after IUI
Feb 10, 2011
... Anyone else out there just starting their 2ww? I am on my 3rd cycle using Clomid, trigger shot, IUI, and Progestrone. I had double IUIs this cycle with my second one yesterday. The 2ww is torture!:dizzy: (3 replies)
... trigger shot and 25mg Progestrone vaginal suppositories. ... (9 replies)

2 week wait UGG!
Nov 4, 2010
... u both. Sara, so glad to hear you made it to this point. Don't sweat the shot too much, my husband has hated the shots, but after transfer we had to do nightly progestrone IM shots, so he is an old pro now. I hope it goes well! ... (116 replies)
2 week wait UGG!
Oct 2, 2010
... really worried all day, at first I thought for sure it was over. But, I talked with the nurses and they reassured me that it may not be that, I took some extra progestrone today, and I'm on bedrest for the weekend, I go in on Monday. I'm just praying everything is still ok. So far no bleeding this afternoon. ... (116 replies)
First ivf
Sep 10, 2010
... er exactly. I'll try and look back at my notes and see. I had it during one other cycle of IUI I had. During IVF I remember they told me they would supplement progestrone and estrogen, because they worry my body won't start doing it on its own, like it would in a more natural cycle because they manipulated it to get to this point. ... (77 replies)
First ivf
Sep 10, 2010
... so positive, way to go hubby, we have never had such a good count. I don't even know what our count was for IVF actually. Anyway, no news here. i'm also doing progestrone in the rear, not my fav, and then I go on an estrogen patch tomorrow and keep waiting. Hang in there ladies, trying to keep thinking positive over here. ... (77 replies)
First ivf
Sep 10, 2010
... c the progestrone is a subQ which needs to be injected in my butt and I am having sciatic nerve issues on my left side.. Nothing is easy. ... (77 replies)
First ivf
Aug 1, 2010
... y there, I know when I was doing shots for my IUI if my levels weren't where they wanted they didn't cancel cycle, they just did homone supplements, once I had a progestrone gell, and once I had an estrogen supository, that was not the most comfortable experience. ... (77 replies)
IUI over 40
Jun 22, 2010
... Good luck tomorrow! Twice the chance with twice the eggs.. Is your doc also giving you progestrone after IUI? ... (10 replies)
... Hi All Here is a little update and shout out for all your prayers... Here I go again! Went to RE on Friday. It appears I did ovulate on Day 10 for what ever reason. I bedded 2x that day. I started 2 shots of herpin, 1 shot of progestrone, 1 asprin, 1 steroid and tons of folic Acid! I am now in the 2 weeks phase and scared. If I am I know it is good but after 3 mc I am... (97 replies)
... Keep thinking positive! Also ask your doctor about progestrone shots instead of the suppositories! Alot better and not as messy! ... (14 replies)
Painful IUI
Jun 9, 2010
... Hey, I had my first IUI today. The procedure itself didn't take long at all, and no pain what so ever! However, after the IUI, I had to lay flat for 15 minutes. Then, they did a vaginal u/, now that hurt. I was really tender and sore inside with the Menopur injections and the Pregnyl HCG shot. I am like you all, I felt that my ovaries were really working overtime :) My... (19 replies)
... Also is your RE giving you any progestrone to take after implantation? ... (21 replies)
... Hi ladies, Just checking in. Sara, sorry about the morning sickness, it is the worst, but an excellent sign of a strong pregnancy, so hopefully that means things are going just how they should! I had an awesome trip to Portland, what a fun city. Still no AF, but still and BFN on the tests. So, checked in with the doc office today, I'm going to go on Thurs for some blood... (97 replies)
... Let's do stay in touch. It's comforting to know there is someone out there going through this with you. I realized I probably shouldn't have been using FET, because it's not on the abbreviation list. I was using that to stand for a frozen embryo transfer. I think you are doing a fresh cycle? Please let me know if I'm incorrect. But, it does sound like even though we are... (95 replies)
... thanks for the info littlebo!! The dr appointment went well today. However the uteirne lining was low so they did anothe progestrone level, i'm still waiting for the results.... I'm hoping to do the egg harvesting June 11 and the FET June 14 so maybe we will be on the same cycle!!! ... (95 replies)
... s and labs, then HCG shot to trigger ovulation, then scheduled IUI two days after the shot, then progestrone supp nightly. I'm really excited and praying everyday that we achieve a pregnancy. ... (14 replies)
... I also once I ovulated I give myself 3 shots a day. 2 heprin to keep blood flowing and 1 progestrone to help with my age.. ... (4 replies)
... This was my first cycle of clomid and an IUI. I had a lot of estrogen and progestrone supplementation. I will be trying injectables this next cycle, but I am worried about how different AF seems. Anyone else experience something like this? ... (0 replies)

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