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... I have been on Provera before to make me have a period and it worked, but that was close to 5 years ago. I was just recently put back on it, and took my first 7 pills the last one being on tues. ... (6 replies)
... because i hadn't had a period in 50 days. i have pcos and have very irregular cycles. i've never heard of it being used as a fertility drug or as a way of building up the uterine lining. ... (3 replies)
Provera challenge
Aug 20, 2004
... My doctor had me take progesterone after my first visit with him where he diagnosed me with PCOS. Because I hadn't had a period since I went off the pill in August 2003. I think provera and progesterone are the same thing? ... (3 replies)

Aug 10, 2004
... yes you can get your period anytime during or after taking the Provera. I was put on it back in April because I never had a period in March. I started 3 days after taking it. ... (4 replies)
Provera question
Oct 11, 2003
... Hello everyone, I am new to this board,I have PCOS , my doc put me on provera for 10 days to induce the period and then put me on Clomid, it's day 9 since I stopped the cycle and nothing, no period, i have read here that it can come anywhere from day 2 to 10 to 3 weeks but what does it really mean if it doesn't come at all. (1 replies)
... Provera for about a year. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I haven't had my period since. I asked my Doctor about it and they said it was fine. ... (7 replies)
Aug 10, 2004
... days after I stopped taking the pills...however, I got my period after I was taking the pills for only 6 days. ... (4 replies)
... terone however she can't do the blood work till I have a period.. We took me off the birth control pills as well over 2 weeks ago and I've taken 5 days so far of Provera and nothing... Not even swelling, cramping, zippo! ... (3 replies)
... It's Juliet again! I have taken a ton of rounds of provera. I waited 10 days for my period to come. Relax, I am sure it will come soon. I would not worry. If you reach 10 or 11 days, then I'd call the doc. ... (1 replies)
Provera and Comid
May 27, 2008
... months ago. Was started on Provera x 10 days and just finished my last dose last night. I have had no signs of bleeding yet. I am just wondering if I should be concerned or is there still hope? ... (5 replies)
... Just to answer your provera question, it really depends....ideally, they want your period to come 10 days after the last pill, or sometime before them. I got mine 12 days after the last pill.... but I only had maybe you wil react faster! ... (7 replies)
... welcome to the boards. You will get lots of information here, everyone is wonderful. I've never taken provera before, but I believe your period should show up about 10 days after your last pill, maybe sooner. I can only say that from what I have learned here from other women's experiences. ... (7 replies)
... I am new here, so sorry if this has already been asked. My Re has me on Provera, I am on my 3rd day. He has me taking 20mg a day. Does anyone know how long it will take to bring on my period? After that he wants me to start Clomid days 3-7. I am to have an HSG on day 7, and then start a OPK on day 11. Once I ovulate they will want me in the next day to do the IUI. Does this... (7 replies)
Provera and Comid
Feb 28, 2008
... Hello and Welcome, I would also recommend calling RE to ask if this should be considered a "normal" period. Since you are 3 days post Provera, I would imagine that your menses should be returning to normal but I would still want a firm answer from your RE. They usually say that day one of your cycle is the first day that you have to wear a tampon or a pad, not just... (2 replies)
... CW - I am so sorry that things are going so roughly these past few months! It's so much to deal with!! I would also say to BD just incase you are ovulating - you never know, and it couldn't hurt. I really don't know too much about Provera, so I wish I could be more help. Is there anyway to speak with your RE instead of the nurse just to be sure? :confused: Kelley (5 replies)
... I'm so sorry that you're still stuck waiting. It's not easy at all. I wish I could offer you some advice, but all I know about provera is what I've learned from these boards. If you truly don't trust what your nurse told you, then I would recommend a second opinion. Good luck to you. ... (5 replies)
... Hmmm, that is very interesting. Well I don't recall that my periods were significantly heavier after taking provera in the past, but I think that I have heard some ladies say that theirs were. ... (5 replies)
... CW, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, and not knowing what's going on with AF is making it so much more difficult. I would definately contact your doctor if nothing has started by the end of the week. I don't know anything about Provera - I'm waiting at this point for AF to come on it's own. I really hope that you know something really soon!!!! ... (14 replies)
... I know that every time I've taken provera i started the day after my last pill. I'm sure that everyone is different, but I think you should've started by now. ... (14 replies)
... ence withdrawal bleeding then in another couple of weeks, I should have a period. However, after reading of other's experiences, it sounds like I should've had a period a period by now. ... (14 replies)

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